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alive. healing. surgery Monday, came home Thursday. painful, very painful.

surgeon thinks she got 90% of the tumor. this is all still so surreal. i cannot tolerate any painkillers so its difficult. my memories and mental clarity are all still intact. I cant ask for more. i can see, smell, etc. I have lots of unbalance with walking and blurry vision in the right. but […]

A finished quilt and a surgery date

Hello my sewing friends. My craniotomy has been set for Wednesday (April 14th *update, they moved me to Monday, April 19th*). It will be a long day for my loved ones but a short day for me. My surgery is 8-12 hours long and I’m ready, but scared out my skin. All my pre-op testing […]

Life throws a curve ball

Hello my sewing friends. I have sewing makes I haven’t shared yet, but life has thrown me a major curve ball. I posted on my Instagram but wanted to share here for those that do not follow Instagram. I found out about 3 weeks ago that I have a large brain tumor. It is sad, […]