Jalie 2444 Leggings and Tank from 2016

I have such a backlog of makes that I haven’t posted yet.  Sometimes this is because I don’t feel good at the time it is made and then I move on to something else.  Other times it is because the make didn’t fit, or I didn’t like how it was finished, or I didn’t feel like taking pictures. Mostly it is because I just don’t make the time to post about them.  I only have so much energy in a day and when that energy is gone, it is gone.  Pictures and blog posts are sooooo time consuming.  However, I love reading blog posts about makes. I love the details people put into their posts.  I try to keep up because I like to look back at my posts too when I go to remake something.  Most season changes I look back and see what I made years ago and realize I do want to make a certain pattern again.  The details help me tremendously on which fabrics worked or did not and what alterations I used. So I try to keep up with my posts and makes, but still fall behind sometimes.

set 2444 1

These leggings and tanks I made way back in May 2016.  I have also previously made this tank in August 2016 for Miss K.  These certainly do not fit me anymore as my weight changes so much with my health.  I hold on to them because who knows, in a few months I just might fit into them again.  I hadn’t gotten around to blogging about them and their details so I will share now. Some of the pics below are from 2016 and some are from today. Obviously the 2016 pictures are the correct size I used for the pattern – I’m squeezing into the 2020 photos.

Jalie 2444 Tank – Cranberry Navy Version

2444 red top 3

Date Sewn: 05/15/2016

Size Sewn: V bust/waist to an X hip


Alterations: I lowered the neckline by 1” based on reviews (as I discuss below). 1/4” cheater FBA using pivot and slide method.

2444 red top 2

Fabric: cranberry cotton lycra with navy cotton lycra accents

2444 red top 1

Thoughts: At first I didn’t love this tank. I shared it on my instagram the day I made it and wasn’t too pleased. What I didn’t like was the colors together.  As time has gone on (4 long years), I’m now ok with the colors and I wish it still fit!  Here is the part I really don’t like: I read about this tank pattern on patternreview before I made it and many people said the neckline was too high.  So before I cut my fabric I lowered the neckline; and that is the part I don’t like.  I actually prefer the tank as the pattern was intended.  So now days I usually don’t read the reviews before sewing something anymore; I want to make it with an unbiased opinion first. Anyway, this is a great tank pattern and it uses so little fabric!

Jalie 2444 Leggings in Cranberry

2444 leg 1

Date Sewn: 05/15/2016

Size Sewn: X everywhere tapering to a V at the waist

2444 leg 2

Alterations: 1” added to back butt using slash and spread method, added 1/2” to front thigh/crotch curve and 1/4” to back thigh/crotch curve. Also dropped the butt (scooped) by 1/2”

Fabric: cranberry cotton lycra

jalie 2444 leggings made 5.15.20 posted 6.14.20

Thoughts:  I never even hemmed these or even added a waistband which tells me there were issues I didn’t like – large enough issues to not finish them.  If I can remember that far back I think the front crotch had issues and the back was too tight across the butt with wrinkles.  Back in 2016 I didn’t understand as much about pants fitting to fix these issues so the leggings just went into the ufo pile.  Looking back at the 2016 pics I can see I needed to scoop the crotch curve of both the front and back and these would have been great leggings!

Jalie 2444 Tank – Teal/gray version

2444 in 2017

Date Sewn: 05/19/2016

Size Sewn: U for bust/waist to a W for hips.

2444 in 2016

Alterations: 1/2” swayback

Fabric: Robert Kaufmann charcoal cotton lycra with teal cotton lycra accents


Thoughts: This time I made the tank the way the pattern intended; I did not lower the neckline.  I love this one so much.  This tank has shown up in my Memademays for many years and many times.  I love this tank!  As you can see above I still need either more room in the hips or more of a swayback adjustment than the 1/2”.   Right now it doesn’t really fit at all so it’s in the “too small for me now but might fit later” pile.  I need to make another!  Honestly looking at these pictures, this would make a great swim top too!


Thanks for reading!



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