Jalie x3 and a Snuggie

Pattern:  Jalie Jeanne Pjs 4016


Made previously:  in super soft black waffle knit dec 2020, and a refashion of Wall-E pants jan 2021

Measurements at the time: high bust 39 inches, bust 42 inches, waist 38 inches, hip 49 inches

 Size Sewn:  For the top I made Size Y graded to an X at the waist and BB at hip; for the bottoms I made Size BB


Started and finished Sewing:  10/31/22



  • ·        1/2” forward shoulder on top.
  • ·        Pants: 1/2” knock knee,
  • ·        Lowered the front rise by THREE inches,
  • ·        my elastic waist in the pants was 1” x 37”. 
  • ·        Added 1” to the pants hems for my 5’7” height.

 Fabric:  Muted Tan/Eggshell/Heathered Gray/Cadet Blue Polyester/Lycra Horizontal Stripe Brushed Sweater knit – NY Designer – 62W, I ordered 3 yards on Mar 1, 2022 from FabricMart for $4.99 per yard and must have used only 2 yards because of the width. So, $9.98 total.


I love them. Like I love love, love, love, love them! I wish I could wear them all the time. They are super comfortable, extremely soft, and fit just right.  The bestest most softest pjs ever. This fabric is like angel wings. it’s what dreams are made of. so soft and fuzzy on the inside.



Pattern: Jalie Mimosa 3890


Made previously:  in 2018 a floral for me, and in 2020 a blue stripes for Miss K

Measurements at the time: high bust 39 inches, bust 42 inches, waist 39 inches, hip 49 inches

Size Sewn:  Bust AA grading to DD for waist and hip


Started and finished Sewing: 12/3/23



·     I made 1/4-inch forward shoulder

Fabric:  leftover yard from pjs above: Muted Tan/Eggshell/Heathered Gray/Cadet Blue Polyester/Lycra Horizontal Stripe Brushed Sweater Knit – NY Designer – 62W. I ordered 3 yards on Mar 1, 2022 from FabricMart for $4.99 per yard and used 1 yard.


I really like this top. It’s roomier than I usually wear my tee’s but that is ok.  Now that I have a giant thyroid belly from my health issues, I like the roominess.  I love that the top only uses 1 yard of fabric, I think the cuffs are fun, The length is perfect, not too long and not short, My favorite part is the curved hem!! I love a curved hem!! Plus, the fabric is beyond soft. Next time I need to remember to sew the sides up before hemming. It is just easier that way. I only had scraps, so I had to cut the sleeves not on the fold and then sew them up the center. no stripe matching. I don’t care. it’s so soft and tunic length in back for leggings.



Pattern:  Jalie 2444 shorts for Miss K


Made previously:  2016 teal/gray set for me, and also 2016 cranberry/navy set for me, and 2016 aqua tank for

Her Measurements at the time: waist 26 inches, hip 37 inches

Size Sewn: Waist size Q graded to Hip size S


Started and finished Sewing: 12/02/22

Adjustments:  none

Fabric:  black swim, no idea where or when it was purchased, by this point it was just a scrap


Miss K had this cute dress she got for homecoming while thrifting.   It was a nice Ann Taylor dress with tags still on it, but she was scared it was a little too short for what she is used to.  The girl doesn’t wear dresses, maybe once every 2 years.  So, she asked for some spanx-like shorts to wear under her dress so she would feel comfier. Yep, I can do that.  So I cut and sewed this pattern up the night before the dance.  They looked tiny as all heck!!! They look like a toddler would wear them! But K says they fit good, and they work well and were exactly what she wanted. So, win for mom!  Below is her homecoming dress. She looks so grown up now!


Pattern:  DIBY (do it better yourself) Billie Wearable Blanket for Miss K


Her Measurements at this time:  Bust 32, waist 26 inches, hip 37 inches

Size Sewn:  size 0 adult, this is a
size small…. I’m a size 18-20 and its huge on me

Started and finished Sewing:  12/16/2022


Adjustments:  per Miss K, no hood. She also wanted the neckline more boatneck so I just winged this part, cut sorta a boat neck, sewed the shoulders and then flipped the neckline to the inside and topstitched.  A little quick and dirty but she doesn’t know.  She also wanted it down to the floor so I made sure to add length to the bottom so it would meet her requirement.


Fabric:  purchased a really soft, thick blanket May 2021. It was “utopia bedding fleece blanket queen size purple luxury bed blanket fuzzy soft microfiber” $19.99 for the blanket.


 She loves this thing.  It is enormous even for me!  I find it kind of hilarious.  But she wears it all the time and her cat sleeps in the pouch in front.  It was disgusting to sew because ….. minky type fabric is a beast. There was purple fuzz everywhere and my poor machines. They got a good cleaning afterwards. I have a decent amount of the purple “fabric” left because I used a queen sized blanket.  It is a cheap way to get some good, thick, fuzzy material when you want a robe or a snuggie or a wearable blanket.

she wanted a wearable blanket. ok this is a bathrobe without an opening. call it what it is. but the hip thing is to call it a wearable blanket. a snuggie. it weighs like 20lbs and I can’t believe my serger tore thru 3 layers in spots. I
didn’t measure any hem. I winged it all. I sewed at lightning speed and cursed and sweated the whole time. my best work? no. my fastest? maybe lol.

Happy Sewing!



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