Jalie Jeanne PJs and Lekala Top

Pattern: Jalie JeAnne Pjs 4016


Date Sewn: 12/24/2020

My Measurements at the time: 40 bust, 32.5 waist, 46.5 hip


Size Sewn:For the top I made Size Y graded to a BB at hip; for the bottoms I made Size BB


Alterations: 1/2” forward shoulder on top. Pants: 1/2” knock knee, Lowered the front rise by THREE inches, my elastic waist in the pants was 1” x 37”.


Fabric: A gloriously soft waffle knit. It is so smooth and feels wonderful to wear.  It has 30% stretch in the height and 70% stretch in the width.  I don’t know where I got it, when, or anything sadly.  Bad record keeping on my part there.


Thoughts: I love them.  I really do.  At first I was disappointed the top was so loose and big but I have come to enjoy it.  I also feel like it needs 1” added to the legs.  When I walk the pants become too short. However now I seem to wear them all the time as the weather gets colder.  They are so soft and nice to curl up in.


I also took the Jeanne leggings pattern part and remade some too big Wall-E pj pants into leggings.  The too Big “before” pants on right above and the now leggings on the left.


I added the 1” to the leg length and used the same pattern and alterations as above.  This fabric is a less stretchy cotton jersey and the pants are a tiny bit too tight – but now I’ve lost a lot of weight and they fit just right.  this fabric doesn’t have the right stretch for the pattern, oops. But I love them anyway.


Sewn: 01/02/21.   I had them in my refashion pile for at least 3 years so I am glad I got them sewn up.


Pattern: Lekala #4321 Top


Date Started: 09/04/2020

Date Finished:10/10/2020


My Measurements at the time: 37 high bust, 39 bust, 31 waist, 45.5 hip

Size Sewn: custom to my measurements above


Alterations: 1/2” forward shoulder adjustment (common for me) and I took 1/2” off back yoke & bodice from armscye to waist.


Fabric: Gray Scuba Blue Triangle Stag on White Cotton Jersey Blend Knit Fabric. 50% Cotton/50% Poly.  I used 1 yard. I purchased it 07/08/15 for $6.60/yard.  I got it from Girl Charlee before I realized how terrible of a company they are and how shoddy their fabrics are.  I like this fabric, but I would never buy from them again.  The accent is Aqua cotton lycra from purpleseamstress.  A really awesome place to buy fabric and an awesome seller; seriously Mel is amazing. she ships faster than lightning.  I used 1/4 yard for the accent and it is $6.50 a yard.  So total for the top is $8.23


Thoughts: Well I sewed these completely different than the instructions stated. I’ll list the steps I took below.  When making the top the front bodice was 1/2” too long at the hem to where the back bodice didn’t meet it.  I had to chop off that 1/2” on the front to have an even hem.  I also cut the back as one piece. For some weird reason they wanted it cut as two with a seam in the middle.  I like the look of the top a lot.  I just don’t know how well it wears.  The front yoke piece likes to buckle up and you can see straight down my shirt when I move my arms forward.  I don’t appreciate that.  I feel like it wears a bit awkward even if it looks cool.  I will have to see how much I even wear it.


Steps to sew: 1 sew front yoke & facings on top edge only; 2. sew shoulder details on curved edge only to facing; 3. sew darts; 4. sew front yoke to front bodice; 5. turn back neckline 1/4” under and topstitch. 6. sew back to shoulder facings; 7. line up shoulder sides with notch at top on front yoke and baste.  Make sure to do the same spot on both side, make them even; 8. attach sleeves; 9. add buttons; 10: sew side seams and 11. hem.

Thanks for reading and being with me on my crazy journey!



  1. What are your objections to Girl Charlee? I have ordered from them once or twice and found their cheap stuff passable. I got some cute Christmas print CL from them last year and made Jeannes last year for my kids.


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