Tons of Tank–Ellie & Mac, Petite Stitchery, and Jalie

Pattern: Ellie & Mac – Curved Hem Tank (FREE!!!)

floral 1

Measurements at this time:

  • high bust 39 inches
  • bust 42 inches
  • waist 37 inches
  • hip 48.5 inches

floral 7

Size Sewn: L bust, XL waist, XXL hip

floral 2

Started and finished Sewing: 07/15 & 07/16/2022

floral 6


  • I made 1/2-inch forward shoulder adjustment
  • Lowered pocket by an inch
  • Widened neck & strap bindings to 175” and sewed ½” seam allowance. They were too skinny on original pattern
  •  Pet Peeve: the Curved hem doesn’t have notches outward so it doesn’t meet the edges at the hem (picture below).

floral 8

floral 5

Fabric: a yard of floral aqua double brushed poly I had. No Idea when and where I got it. Some scrap pack.

floral 3

Thoughts: OMG. I freaking LOVE this tank!! I don’t know why I held off so long on making it. The dbp drapes just right and it hangs nicely and doesn’t show my thyroid belly. I feel comfortable and pretty in it. I wore it almost every day I could from July to September when it got too cold.  The tiny pocket makes me smile.

floral 11

I was hesitant about the seam down the center back but holy cow! I am sold! It took away my swayback issue immediately and I love how it curves over my but with no issues or bumps.

The pattern is FREE and I waited this long to make it. I was missing out! Now I am thinking, how can I add sleeves to this pattern to make it an amazing t-shirt.

Pattern: Ellie & Mac – Curved Hem Tank (FREE!!!) Yes, I made it AGAIN because I loved the first one so much.

Made previously: in the aqua floral shown above this one.

deer 1

Measurements at this time:

  • high bust 39 inches
  • bust 42 inches
  • waist 37 inches
  • hip 48.5 inches

deer 3

Size Sewn: same. L bust, XL waist, XXL hip

deer 2

Started and finished Sewing: 10/03/22

deer 4


  • I made 1/2-inch forward shoulder adjustment
  • Lowered pocket by an inch
  • Widened neck & strap bindings to 1.75” and sewed ½” seam allowance. They were too skinny on original pattern

deer 6

Fabric: scraps from my cotton deer jersey that I used to make this Lekala 4321 top.   Gray Scuba Blue Triangle Stag on White Cotton Jersey Blend Knit Fabric. 50% Cotton/50% Poly.

I used 1 yard. I purchased it 07/08/15 for $6.60/yard.

deer 9

Thoughts: I wore the crap out of my first E&M tank and was just itching to make another. It drapes a little different in the cotton jersey as opposed to my first double brushed poly. But I love it nonetheless. Now I need to hack the pattern to add sleeves and make a ton of t shirts!!

deer 8

Pattern: Petite Stitchery – Swing Tank (also called Swanky Tank) and is also FREE

black daisy 2

Measurements at this time:

  • high bust 39 inches
  • bust 42 inches
  • waist 39 inches
  • hip 49.5 inches

black daisy 9

Size Sewn: bust – XXL, Waist – 1X, Hips –1X

black daisy 7

Started and finished Sewing: 11/15/22

black daisy 4


  • Used the modest shoulder option
  • XL @ shoulder and neck to XXL bust to 1X waist and hip
  • ¼” Forward Shoulder adjustment
  • The neckline was too “choke-y” so I lowered it 1” down in front to 0” at the shoulders
  • I made the neckband 1”x19.75” not the 1”x15.25” called for. I couldn’t get the smaller neckband over my head even!!!

black daisy 3

Fabric: 1 yard, 1 inch of a double brushed poly daisy print that I got somewhere somehow, most likely a a scrap pack

black daisy 9

Thoughts: I don’t like the bands sewn, then rolled inside on wrong side of fabric, then topstitched. I find this difficult, slower, and then trimming sucks. I prefer just to zip the bands on, flip them to the outside and topstitch.

*Pet Peeves* The neckband wasn’t cut on a fold, no waist markings. The fabric cutting guide is super funny. No way would anyone cut their fabric like that. It really wastes fabric. I cut the “normal way” of flipping both selvages to meet in the middle and cutting tank front on one side and tank back on other side, then bands below. Because of the wonky cutting suggestion the pattern asks for 1 7/8 yard of fabric. ALMOST 2 yards for a tank?? No way. I cut it my way described and got a size 1X out of 1 yard, 1inch.

black daisy 10

The tank is okish. I’m not a fan really. The neck is way too high for me even though I lowered it. There is way too much side boob showing. The armscyes are really low. A 1X size in this pattern is the same as a size L in love notions patterns. I realize I’m not petite, but the pattern was free and I’ve seen other non-petite people make it on Facebook. I thought I would give it a go. And I don’t care for it so I won’t be making it again.

black daisy 5

Pattern: Jalie 3245 tank – from the time vault LOL. I started this MAY 14th, 2017 and then it became a UFO because I didn’t like the fit.

Made previously: Back in 2015 I made 2 muslins and a purple cotton lycra tank. I just couldn’t seem to get this pattern to fit me right. I also made 3 of these tanks for Miss K and of course they fit her perfectly.

green 3

Measurements NOW:

  • high bust 39 inches
  • bust 42 inches
  • waist 37 inches
  • hip 48.5 inches

green 7

My measurements BACK WHEN I CUT IT OUT:

  • 37.5 bust
  • 31 waist
  • 45 hip

green 2

Size Sewn BACK THEN: V bust, W waist, X hip (so way smaller than my current size, therefore it will be tight in my pictures).

green 6

Started and finished Sewing: Started MAY 2017, finished AUGUST 2022.

I sewed up the shoulders and sides back in May 2017. Then didn’t like the fit and left it in the UFO pile all these years and 2 house moves. I pulled it out August 2022 and decided to finish it. I had to hem the bottom and add bands to the arms and neck. Well I lost the arm bands so I was like, whatever, at this point I’m finishing it. I switched the armbands to black dbp. I think it works since there are black heathering in the design of the green knit.

green 4

Adjustments: none that I see on the pattern

2017 may jalie tank fail 2

Fabric: green heathered knit, little stretch. I don’t know where or when I purchased it.

2017 may jalie tank fail 4

Thoughts: I have been desperately trying to make this pattern work for me for YEARS because I love the look of it. I want that Raglan tank Dress. It baffles me because the newer, similar pattern 3667 Marie Caude fits me like a glove. It fits perfectly. So why can’t I get 3245 to fit!!! Ugh. I will be laying the patterns over each other to see where the issue is at some point.

(marie claudes made: black semi sheer one from Apr 2018 a ton. The one I made in Dec 2017 in I loved the fit but the fabric was just not right for me. Oh! I also made a hooded one for Miss K in Dec 2017 too. And my navy rayon spandex one.

2017 may jalie tank fail 6

Anyway, back to this old UFO that is now finally finished but too small for me now.  in the beginning in 2017 I hated those damn under bust lines. I didn’t understand how to get rid of them.  I think now I know more about adjustments and my body that I can fix that.  I think the bust point needs raised, or less fabric underbust and more fabric for my butt.  In 2022 pictures there are no bust drag lines because my bust fills it out. in 2020 there are bust drags and in 2017 there are big bust drag lines.  Maybe I needed a small bust adjustment.  Either way, I’m just glad it’s finished and I will wait until I can wear it again if I lose some weight.

2017 may jalie tank fail

Happy Sewing!



  1. Rather than dork with sleeves, you might want to try the everyday tee from Ellie and Mac. Easy, comfy, very wearable and a snap to sew. Did I mention I’m a fan 😏? In exchange, I should try this tank which I’ve also left languishing on the hard drive for no reason at all


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