2 Tops; Deer & Doe – Plantain and Jalie – Marie Claude

First up, Deer & Doe – Plantain

I’ve made this top in the (way) past and I looooved it. It sadly no longer fits and I am sure I chopped it up years ago for undies or something.

I wanted to make another, similar to the first. Here is the first one I made in 2014 blue with patches. I guess I also made it once in 2017 in gray rayon and in 2014 in a blue stripe.

So in September I made a burgundy/cranberry one with patches, hoping to love it as much as my first blue one.


Date Sewn: 09/16/19


My measurements at the time: 39 bust/ 32 waist/ 47 hip

Size Sewn: 44 bust/ 46 waist/ 48 hip


Adjustments: took 1/4” off the front side curve, starting 2” above waist, to 0 off at 2” above hip – I should have made a size 44 bust AND waist then 48 hip

I also did a 1/2” square shoulder adjustment and a 1/2” bicep adjustment. I added a pocket from my Ottobre 05/2013 #1A pattern to the chest on this.

Fabric: Burgundy Cotton Lycra from Purpleseamstress purchased Aug 2019, 2 yards for $13.00  with Charcoal gray Cotton Lycra also from Purpleseamstress purchased at the same time. I used maybe 1/4” yard?


Thoughts: The neckband needs to be 1/2” longer.  I don’t know, I’m just not feeling it.  It is a bit baggy in the back and front below the chest.  The bust is tight; the neckline feels lower than what I’m used to. It’s not that I dislike it; I just that I don’t like/like it. I will hold on to it for a while because maybe it will grow on me.  I’m at this point in my life that I just want things to feel good, look good, and wear well.  I don’t have time to clutter my closet with things I don’t “love”. (I’ve read too many minimalist books lately!).

Let’s move on to the Jalie – Marie Claude 3667

I have also made this in the past twice and loooooooved it. I wear my black semi sheer one from Apr 2018 a ton. The one I made in Dec 2017 in I loved the fit but the fabric was just not right for me. Oh! I also made a hooded one for Miss K in Dec 2017 too.


Date Sewn: 09/15/19

My measurements at the time: 39 bust/ 32 waist/ 47.5 hip


Size Sewn: X for all except CC for hip

Adjustments: just the blending from X at waist to CC at hip


Fabric: 2 yards Dark Navy Rayon Spandex.  I don’t know where I got it or how much it was.

Thoughts: This top is also a “meh.”  I have a love/hate relationship with rayon spandex.  I love it for skirts and some tops but hate it for most tops.  I knew in my head I should have used different fabric but I already had it cut out so I trudged on.  The fit is ok, a little looser due to the drape of the fabric.  I much prefer the structure of this top in the French terry I made before; I should have used that again.  I’m also losing weight so that could make up for the bagginess.  It’s not a love; I probably won’t keep it.  I will make another in a sturdier fabric.  (Also, really hard to get good light in winter in Wisconsin!).



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