Apostrophe and SALS Leggings plus another Chloe Maxi Skirt

I have an obsession with the Sew A Little Seam – Movie Night Pajama Leggings.  They are the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever made and I just can’t seem to stop making them!

Here are the others I have sewn: blue floral and also olive floral

This time I made some using a red wine floral double brushed poly knit that was in a remnant/scrap bag. This one came from FabricMart.


Date Sewn: 09/16/19

My Measurements at that time: Waist 32, Hip 47.5


Size Sewn: Waist 16/18 and hip 20

Alterations: I used 32.5” of 1.5”wide elastic in the waistband. I like my bands to stay up and not droop.


I added 1” to the back rise, scooped 1/2” out of the back butt curve, and scooped 1/4” out of the front crotch curve.


Thoughts: I freaking love these. I have 2 other pairs in double brushed poly too and I just live in them.  They are super comfortable and like second skin. I’m sure I will continue to make more. If making the cropped version it is a great use of 1 yard of fabric. The only negative is that AFTER I sewed them all up I realized that there is a marker mark on the back leg. It is rather large and I think it’s 2 letters?  Maybe this is why it was in the remnant/scrap bag; but BOOOOOOO.  How terrible to not notice.

I also sewed another pair in cotton lycra. My plan was to make Christmas pajamas for the family out of this awesome snoopy knit.  But then I got super, super sick so the only thing I made was my leggings.


Date sewn: 11/21/19

My measurements at the time: Waist 32.5, hip 47.5


Size sewn: 16/18 waist and 20  hip

Alterations: I added 1” to the back rise, scooped 1/2” out of the back butt curve, and scooped the front crotch 1/2”.  Then I added 1/4” to the inseams at the crotch to thigh


Fabric: 1.25 yards of “Peanuts Christmas Knit Fabric-Blue” 95% cotton 5% spandex.  Purchased from JoAnn’s in Jan 2019 for $1.70 a yard!!! I bought 8 yards LOL.

Thoughts: These are great too, although cotton lycra is a little tighter than the double brushed poly I’m used to with these.  They are a bit snug and so when the fabric stretches you can see the white underneath the print.  I love them though.

In August I decided to jump on the bandwagon and try the new Apostrophe “My fit” leggings.  It is a great concept, although not new.  Lekalya Patterns and Bootstrap Fashion have done this for years.  You enter in your exact measurements and it spits out a custom pattern to your size and fit – well it is supposed to anyway.  The problem here is that adjustments are still needed so it’s not truly a custom fit right out of the gate. So warning, Apostrophe = catastrophe

Anyway, back to the leggings at hand:


Date sewn: 08/09/19


Size sewn: my custom fit (and I mean this loosely)

Alterations: the crotch curve on these was sooooo bad I about threw in the towel.  I was pissed at this point that I spent $12 on a pair of freaking leggings when I have amazing ones already I make with a free pattern.  I trudged on.  The front and back crotch curves needed 1/2” scooping.  The front crotch curve was too short so I added 3/4”; the waist was too loose. Also, since the front inseam is still too short my butt is eating the fabric as you can see in the pics.


Fabric: I was a fool and used this amazing luscious black yoga knit. It is brushed, and thick but not too thick and amazing.  I am pretty sure I grabbed it from knit pop but I really don’t remember.


Thoughts: as you can tell I was not pleased.  These fit terrible and I stand by my original statement that no one should purchases a leggings pattern for $12 when there are so many free ones out there that FIT better.  Am I bitter? yes, yes I am still bitter about it.

Here is a mashup of the 3 leggings from this post



In less exciting news I made myself ANOTHER Made for Mermaids – Mama Chloe Maxi Skirt


You just cannot go wrong with a plain maxi skirt in your wardrobe.  Here are my other sews of this: in June 2019 a gray heather knit; and in Aug 2019 a turquoise heathered jersey

Date sewn: 09/15/19

chloe 1

My measurements at the time: Waist 32, hip 47.5

Size sewn: yellow

Alterations: added 2″ to the height. Used green waist to yellow hip with my hip curve ruler #1-8 on it.  But then used the yellow waist at 6″x18″ on the fold. I used 33.5″ long waistband elastic in 1.5″ wide


Fabric: 2.5 yards of some navy rayon something. It is soft like rayon but not too loose and drapey like rayon spandex so I’m not too sure.


Thoughts: Well, this is my 3rd make of this skirt and I love them all.  In the summer I enjoy just throwing one of these on and going about my day.



  1. I love your SALS leggings! I find it so crazy that a legging sewing pattern can be so different from one company to another. I should try these. I like my Ottos but yours look fantastic.


  2. So glad to get your feedback on those apostrophe leggings. I am very full in the thigh and just cannot find a comfortable fit in Jalie’s patterns. Maybe I don’t like leggings!
    I was tempted to try the My Fit ones, but I will save my $$$.


    • I would give the Sew A Little Seam ones a try. they are free! and the best fitting leggings I have found for me with my big thighs. I like them in double brushed poly. They are bundled with the movie night pajamas so you also get a free tee. you just have to join their FB group to get the free code.


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