More Pants and Leggings! Jalie, 5oo4, Sew-a-Little-Seam


Pattern: Jalie 3355

made the pants previously: Nov 2014 megaman costume, Oct 2015 for K.

I have made the hoodie part of this pattern beyond countless times, we LOVE that part of this pattern.  Now I want to perfect the pants portion so I can lounge around in a hoodie and sweats and just be lazy, I mean comfortable, all day.

2020 dec 10 jalie 3355 teal sweats 2

Date Started: 12/08/20

Date Finished: 12/10/20

2020 dec 10 jalie 3355 teal sweats 1

My Measurements at the time: waist 33, hip 46

Size Sewn: straight BB

2020 dec 10 jalie 3355 teal sweats 6

Alterations: 1/2” knock knee alteration. lowered the front rise by 2.75”, lowered the back rise by 1”, scooped the butt curve 1/2”. I used 33.25” of 1” wide elastic in the waist.

Fabric: aqua blue French terry knit

2020 dec 10 jalie 3355 teal sweats 4

Thoughts: This is actually a wearable muslin to test the fit and alterations because I have the most insanely soft sweatshirt fabric I want to make my “final” pair out of so I can live in them forever.  I am actually quite pleased with this muslin.  I would totally call this wearable and almost perfect.  I’m almost there with this pair. I think increasing the knock knee to 3/4” just might be all I need to do.  Those little wrinkles at the back butt/upper thigh are the only thing left to fix and these would be a pattern I grabbed often.  I will do one more muslin pair before my final special fabric.

Life Changing Knock Knee Alteration Info is about halfway through this post here.

Pattern: Sew-a-little-seam – Movie Night Pajamas for Women, Leggings

Pattern info and sizing: The Women’s Movie Night Pajama is a PDF sewing pattern for sizes 0/2
(32″ bust, 36″ hip) to 28 (50″ bust, 54″ hip).
The pattern is FREE if you find the code in the Sew a Little Seam Facebook group!

Made Previously 4 other times: Sept 2019 red wine floral, Nov 2019 Snoopy Xmas, May 2019 blue floral, and May 2019 green capri.

(I lightened up the photo a bit so you can see better the fantastic fit – black is so hard to photograph)

2021 sept sals front 12021 sept sals front

This pair: Date Started: 08/31/21

Date Finished: 09/22/21

My Measurements at the time: waist 31, hip 45.5

Size Sewn: Waist 16/18, hip 20

2021 sept sals back 12021 sept sals back

Alterations: added 1” to the back rise, 1/2” scooped from the butt curve and 1/4” scooped from the front crotch curve.  I used 32.5” of 1.5” elastic in the waistband.

Fabric: super soft black double brushed poly.  These leggings are ultimate comfort, like wearing nothing at all.

2021 sept sals front side 12021 sept sals front side

Thoughts: I love them! I have loved every pair I’ve made of these leggings.  It is definitely my go-to pattern when I want a pair of leggings now. I don’t ever want to take any of the pairs off.  This is the first real clothing item I sewed up fully after my craniotomy (it took 4 mo to even think about sitting at a machine).  I needed a good fitting pair of black leggings badly.  It went ok.  Definitely a struggle, but I got through it and love the leggings.

2021 sept sals side 12021 sept sals side

Pattern: 5 out of 4 – Ninja Leggings

Date Finished: 06/19/2018

2018 jun 5oo4 ninja me unblogged 1

My Measurements at the time: 39 bust, 31.5 waist, 46 hip

Size Sewn:  med waist, Large elsewhere

Alterations: I sewed up knee length and added 1/4″ to back and front at thigh. I also did a 1/4″ butt scoop

2018 jun 5oo4 ninja me unblogged 2

Fabric: hunter green brushed poly knit

Thoughts: These things have a 3/8” Seam allowance – eeew and what the hell.   I need either 1/4” or 1/2” Seam allowance as that is what is standard like everywhere, and it works well with my serger.

I just don’t like them.  They are way to tight to begin with.  I’m not a fan of the crotch gusset.  I don’t like to sew it and I don’t think my crotch likes it, lol.  I wore these only one time for these pictures in 2018 and then they went to the bin.  Unfortunately I am just not a fan.  I won’t be sewing this pattern again.

Pattern: Jalie Clara 3887

Date Sewn: I honestly have no idea. sometime around 2018-2019

2018 jun jalie clara unblogged 2

My Measurements at the time: 39 bust, 31.5 waist, 46 hip

Size Sewn: V at waist, Z everywhere else

Alterations: Scooped 1/2″ in butt and added 1/4″ at back thigh. There is a FOLD at the front crotch that is hard to see. I forgot the first time which made me lose about 1/2” of fabric by sewing up the front there.

2018 jun jalie clara unblogged 3

Fabric: very soft double brushed navy poly knit.

Thoughts:  These were beyond humorously small and tight. I couldn’t even get my one leg up in them let alone get them to my hips.  I remember I somehow got them smashed on and I felt like a stuck sausage.  I love Jalie patterns, but this one definitely needed a size up or 2 for me.  I will try them again someday, I haven’t wrote the pattern off just yet.  But this pair is long since gone to the bin.

Happy Sewing!



  1. Thank you for the thorough review. I need to look into the movie night leggings for sure. Jamie can be heavy on the negative ease, for sure .


    • I do like the look of Claras, but my full thighs & backside are not a good match. I was very disappointed to use some power stretch that had the required stretch in a size up, and they just do not fit my legs or hips, even though I did a full seat adjustment.


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