More shorts Jalie, SUAT, P4P, and That Moxie Girl

Time to catch up on more makes I didn’t get blogged.  Here are a few shorts I’ve made over the years (all the way back to 2014!) that I didn’t have the time to get blogged before.

Pattern: Prefontaine Shorts by “That Moxie Girl”


Date made: waaaaay back in 2014! Mar 19, 2014

My measurements in 2014 were 37-29-44

Size and Alterations made: I cut a straight 14 with no alterations

Fabric: Floral Cotton Woven, just a regular quilting type cotton fabric. This cotton was a little bit lighter weight than a heavy quilting cotton.

Thoughts: I see that this pattern is still being sold on her etsy store.  At the time I thought they were a bit big on me.  But me in 2022 would totally wear these.  I love the binding detail on them and I think they are really cute shorts.  I no longer have them because my size has changed so much over the years. But I would totally make another pair of these. Plus these are made from woven fabric and I rarely use woven and have so few woven patterns to use up the fabric in my stash.

Pattern: Jalie 2445


Date made: 06/26/2016


My Measurements in 2016 and 2017: Waist 30, Hip 45

Size made: X with a ton of alterations.


Alterations made:  On the backs I took 5/8” off the outer waist and 1/4” at center waist.  I added 1/2” to the outer hip but took away 1/2” on the butt scoop.  I then added 2.5” to the hem.


To the fronts I did the same on the waist, but for the hip I added 1/4” to outer and took in 1/4” on inner crotch scoop.  I also added 1/2” to the front thigh.  My notes say I added 1” total to thigh, 0 total to hip, and removed 1.75” from total waist. Whew, that’s a mouthful.  Let’s get a visual drawing for that.  (yes, I’m slightly crazy sometimes with trying alterations).


(Not the actual pattern below, just a generic drawing of shorts fronts and backs).



My size has changed so much and they are just too tight on me now (pic above from 2021).  I made the black pair 01/28/2017

Fabric: Random French terry scraps I had laying around from other projects.  Hot Pink French terry, and also black French terry


Thoughts:  I keep trying with this pattern to get it right.  I want to get it right.  I love the look of the pattern.  The pink pair fit pretty good, but my size has changed, I got paint on them, and I no longer know where they even ended up.  The black pair I think is in my “too small” bin. So I can’t even wear them.  They are just too tight for me now. I have tried this pattern so many times my eyes have crossed and I had to walk away.  I am on muslin #8 for the full pants, besides making these 5 other times as shorts. Someday…….. someday I’ll get it worked out.

Made before: Apr 2016 a red pair, and a purple pair for Miss K, May 2017 black and white pair for me.

Pattern: Stitch Upon A Time (SUAT) Women’s Boxerwear

2018 jul suat boxerwear me

Date made: 07/21/2018

My Measurements in 2018 were: Bust 36, Waist 29, Hip 43  (I had lost quite a bit of weight at this time).

2018 jul suat boxerwear me 2

Size and Alterations made: I cut a size Large on these with a medium waistband.

Fabric: Aqua Cotton Lycra purchased from Purpleseamstress on August 02, 2017 for $6.50 a yard.  These don’t even use a yard.

2018 jul suat boxerwear me 1

Thoughts: Well as you can see they are too tight for me here.  I needed to size up.  I love the fabric, I like the pattern.  I’ve made another pair before that fit and I wore them quite often, until my size changed and now they don’t fit either. I love the reverse coverstitching I took the time to do on this pair.  I will definitely be making myself more of these.  This pattern is so comfortable to lay around the house in or wear under dresses so my thighs do not rub.

Made before: Aug 2015 (near the bottom of the post) in black and blue stripe.

Pattern: P4P Palazzos

20190331_160050jul 8 2017 p4p palazzos


Date made: 03/31/2019  Floral Pink and Blue and 07/08/2017 Black Heathered Stripe


My measurements in 2019: 39 bust, 31.5 waist, 46 hip

My Measurements in 2017: Waist 30, Hip 45


Size and Alterations made: Size L at the waist to XL hips down.  I also scooped out 1/2” from the back butt curve


Fabric: The ITY Floral blue and pink (made in march 2019) is “Watercolor Floral Print ITY” from FabricMart, purchased July 2015, $4.50/yard.   I used scraps from my wrap dress made in Sept 2015.  I absolutely love this fabric and will hoard my last bits and scraps as long as I can!  (made in july 2017) black fabric is a scrap from the failed mcccalls nightgown from June 2017. It is a space dye knit with no real stretch, though it was listed as having ample stretch.  Its soft and flowy. Black/Grey Slubbed Jersey Knit 95% rayon 5% lycra. I purchased it from FashionFabricsclub in Aug 2016 for $3.95/yard.  It is just bad fabric, plain and simple.  2 makes both a fail….. bad fabric.


Thoughts:  The floral ity ones were my favorite shorts pattern until the M4M Mila came along.  Now I have a love affair with that pattern; but these palazzos still hold a place in my heart and I still wear my floral ones often  This pattern turns out shorts that are super comfy to wear and super fast to make.  Sometimes I can fit the pattern pieces onto scraps of fabric leftover from other patterns, win – win!  Its a stellar pattern.

Made before: green/black plaid shorts in 2017, teal shorts in 2017, and black shorts in 2017, and aztec blue pants in Feb 2020

Happy Sewing!


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