2 Fails ~ McCall’s M6957 and 5oo4 Nancy Dress

Every time I sew a pattern I expect it to turn out wonderful; unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.  Here are two fails – One I might try to make again in a different fabric and one I will not attempt again.

Pattern: McCall’s M6957

mccalls 1

My measurements at the time: 37.5 bust, 31 waist, 45 hip. (now in pic I’m 39 bust, 32 waist, 45.5 hip)

Size used: 16 bust/waist, 20 hip

mccalls 2

Date Sewn: June 2017 (yes, 2017. LOL this has been in my ufo pile for a long time while I thought about how to save it).

mccalls 3

Alterations: just grading out at the hip.

Fabric: a space dye knit with no real stretch, though it was listed as having ample stretch.  Its soft and flowy. Black/Grey Slubbed Jersey Knit 95% rayon 5% lycra.

Purchased from FashionFabricsclub in Aug 2016 for $3.95/yard.  I used 1.75 yards (it is 58” wide) – the pattern calls for 2 yards of 60” wide. Total: $6.91

mccalls 4

Thoughts: frumpy. It didn’t turn out like the pattern envelope at all.  It doesn’t look nipped in at the waist. It doesn’t hang with flare at the hip/skirt part.  It is not flattering.

I thought maybe I could save it for a nightgown but its not even cute enough for that!  There are weird folds where the center back seam is, near the bottom hem.  I can’t even find the bands to finish the arms and neck.

This is a definite no for me. I’m probably not going to attempt the pattern again.  In fact, I lost the pieces to the pattern, which is rare for me.


Pattern: 5 out of 4 Nancy Dress

I’ve admired this dress from afar for a long, long time.  It looks like the perfect fall dress for me and I just love the look of it.  In actuality it turned out terrible on my body.

nancy 1

My measurements at the time: bust 39; waist 32; hip 47.5

nancy 2

Size used: M for bust/waist and 2x for hips.  Pattern options used: cuffs, cowl, long sleeve.

nancy 3

Date sewn: Nov 2019 – I never finished the hem or cuffs.

nancy 4

Alterations: just the grading out for the hips.

(pulling in the loose waist here helps some)

nancy 5

Fabric: 3 yards of Navy Hacci Classic Sweater knit  – 87% Polyester 9% Rayon 4% Spandex – purchased from Stylish Fabrics Aug 2016 for $4.50/yard. Total: $13.50

nancy 6

Thoughts: Oh where do I start.  This turned out so frumpy on me.  I don’t even know where to start.  It’s very loose fitting. It hangs funny. I’m not sure if the pattern doesn’t work for me or the fabric choice. It is way too big in the waist which makes me look larger than I am.  Belting it doesn’t help. I might try again a different day with different fabric – much more stable fabric and not a looser sweater knit. This fabric is so soft but thin. I like the fabric, I just don’t think it was meant to be a dress.

You win some, you lose some. Usually I try everything I can to save a fail but these I’m just going to call it quits on and maybe hack up the fabric for something else.  Life is too short, Keep moving forward.

Thanks for reading!



  1. I had this pattern out to sew, misplaced it, saw that Kathy was workingon it, went searching for it, I think she liked hers but had some kind of fit snag and I sat it aside. Now, I’m not sure if I’ll make it. WAH.

    The Nancy dress is definitely too straight through the waist. Booo!


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