A perfect swim outfit: Jalie 3668 Valerie & Jalie 3462 Cora

Every summer Miss K is bored and to combat this we purchased a pool many years ago.  This year my skin is having a weird reaction from the sun (due to medication) and now I’m also having a reaction to sunscreens. I can’t use regular sunscreens and now my zinc ones are bugging me.

This doesn’t matter to 14 year old Miss K, she still wants to go in the pool and she only has me to go in with her since Mr. Sunny works a lot and her brother Mr. T is now 18 and working a ton to save for college.  So I set out to make a rash guard and leggings in an effort to minimize how much skin shows to the sun or needs sunscreen.


Pattern: Jalie 3668 Valerie Rash Guard

rash top 3

Date Sewn: 06/08/20

My measurements at the time: 38.5 bust, 32 waist, 45.5 hip

Size used: W for the bust, Y for the waist, and AA for the hip

rash top 1

Alterations: only the grading between sizes

Instructions: typical Jalie instructions. I had no issues. The drawings are very clear in what needs to be sewn and the written instructions are too. This is a fast sew since it is essentially a raglan tee.

Fabric: Purple swim panel $4.25/yard that I purchased in July 2016 from Hancock’s going out of business sale – I’ve almost used all of this up; And Black Swim that I have no clue where or when I purchased.

rash top 2

What I want to change for next time: The sleeves are long. I need to take about an inch off because they bunch up at my wrist and that feels weird when I swim.  The top is short!  I need to add at least an inch if not 1.5 inches next time. When I made this pattern for Miss K last year she pointed out that it was short and wanted it longer; I should have remembered that when making mine.  I need to also move up one size in the bust/shoulder because it likes to ride up my shoulders there. You can see that I need a bit of a swayback adjustment in the back, too.

Thoughts: I really do love this top despite needing more adjustments.  It covers my arms and chest fully so no sun burning or sunscreen needed there. I love how fast it sewed up. I printed the copy shop file, traced it, cut out the fabric and sewed this up in 2 hrs – just in time to hit the pool that day.  It works good in the water. There is no added bra top under this so I wear a sports bra with it now. I need to make a swim bra top to wear underneath.

Pattern: Jalie 3462 Cora Leggings

rash 5rash 6

Date Sewn: 05/25/20

My Measurements at the time: 32 waist, 46 hip

Size Used: straight CC, I sewed up View A

rash 3

Alterations: added 1/8” to sides of calf for my large calves. I added 1/2″ to back inner leg piece for full thigh and then I also added 1/2” to crotch gusset to match.  I added 3/8″ to the front of the back piece for thighs – this sounds so weird but makes sense when you lay out those color blocked pieces.  I added 1/4” from crotch to knee on inner front piece edge and 3/4” from hip to knee on outer front piece edge.  I added 1/8” from knee to calf on all pieces too.  Basically my alterations are for large calves and thighs.

rash 2

Instructions:  These leggings are a bit complex putting together. They aren’t hard, there are just a bit of steps because of all the color blocking.  I have to sew slow and very carefully when putting the butt part in because you are sewing into the curves there.  Otherwise these are easy enough.

Fabric: Purple swim panel $4.25/yard that I purchased in July 2016 from Hancock’s going out of business sale; And Black Swim that I have no clue where or when I purchased.

rash 4

Thoughts and changes for next time: At first the front seam bothered me – it twists around the front of the leg from calf to ankle. But now after wearing them many times, I’m used to it.  I do need 1/2” to 3/4” more room at the back rise due to my rear – you can see in the back view above that my waistband dips down at center back.

I think these are awesome. I love the design. I love the fit. They feel amazing in the water.  They fully cover my legs so no sunscreen needed there.  I made Cora’s last year but in the shorts version and I wasn’t very happy with them.  I have to say the pants version really steals the show.  There is no inner swim brief in these because this is a leggings pattern, not a swim pattern.  But I just wear swim briefs under them.  I can’t wait to make this pattern up again! It is a real winner!!

Thanks for reading!


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