Sewing Swimsuits;The Story of 12 Swims Sewn- part 2

Continuing on with my 12 swims sewn; you can see part 1 here.

Kwik Sew 3238

My measurements at this time:

High bust: 37    Bust: 39

Waist: 31.5     Hip: 46

date started: 08/01/19 date finished: 08/02/19

size sewn: M bust, L waist, XL hip (sizing bust was in between M and L so I sized down, waist and hip were exact)


alterations: added 2” to the hem because it looked short. Added 1/4” to the sides of the tank bottom because it looked too tight.

Fabric: Purple swim panel $4.25/yard that I purchased in July 2016 from Hancock’s going out of business sale; And Black Swim that I have no clue where or when I purchased.


Notes: The instructions on this pattern are fantastic and it sews up very nice.  Even though I added to the hem the top was still very short.  It also pulls up in center front so it feels weird.  There isn’t enough support in the back to keep the CF in place.  The bust darts are too pointy.  I really liked this top and was a bit sad it didn’t work out. 

 Jalie 3022 and 3351 Mashup

My measurements at this time:

Waist: 31.5     Hip: 46

date started and finished: 08/01/19

size sewn: Z waist and BB Hip (sized up 3 waist sizes higher and exact hip)

alterations: I added 1” to the hem from the shorts line.  I added 1/4” to each leg out and inseam. 


Fabric: Black Swim that I have no clue where or when I purchased.

What I did was take the Z waist and briefs from pattern 3351 and attached it to the Z waist and BB hip from 3022.  It fit perfectly without any other changes.

Thoughts:  I love these!  The 3022 are my favorite pants to wear ever and I made them as swim shorts for my mom waaay back in Jan 2016.  So I figured it was time for me to make some for myself.  They worked great in the pool. 


 Here is the suit I finally settled on for this summer.  It worked well.  I loved the shorts in the water especially. They stayed put the whole time.

I also made Miss K a new suit.  I sewed her up a quick new rash guard because her other top wasn’t fitting anymore.

Jalie 3668 Valerie Rash guard 


Her measurements: 34 bust, 27 waist, 39 hip.  Size Sewn: T bust/waist to a W hip.

It fit great!  She requested a longer hem next time.

Fabric: Purple swim from Hancock’s going out of business sale; Rainbow Tie-Dye Swimwear Knit from FabricMart.  I purchased this in May 2015 for $4.80. I used the tie dye from her old swim top, just cut it up. (totally just realized I never posted her suit I sewed up in 2017 ).

Here is a picture of the old swim set, I don’t think I ever even got a full picture of it.

(picture from 2017)


I used this pattern to make her another set of swims this summer, too.  (The blues do match, the top was just wet here). 


This time with Blue Swim and Pixel mountains.  Blue Swim was: Lake Blue Poly/Lycra from FabricMart.  Purchased in May 2017 for $4.80 for 1.5 yards. The Pixels was 1 yard purchased
in May 2017 for $13 from SpandexWorld. Excellent quality swim knit.

I made the hem 1” longer. I fully line the front so I make the liner 1” shorter and use a 3/4” hem.  This turned out to be a perfect suit for her and she used it all summer.

With the Blue rash guard I made her
Jalie 3351 Swim shorts in size V to match.


Adjustments: I took 1/2” off the waistband and facings. I did 1/2” hem and used the elastics for size V

Everything was perfect.  K would like 1/2” off the top of the shorts rise next time too.

 I attempted to make her Jalie 2563 as swim shorts first.


Size V.  Also with the blue swim and pixel mountains.  It turned out way too tight and she was not having it, so I went back to my tried-and-true swim pattern for her with the 3351 shorts.

Here is an picture of the elusive Miss K in her new swims.


 We had a pretty good summer this year.  I am sad to see it end.

 Here are the previous suits I’ve made Miss K over the years:  Jun 2014 Jalie 3023 and 3351, Feb 2015 Kwik Sew and Jalie, May 2015 florals, Jun 2015 Jalie 2805 and 3351Aug 2016 Jalie 3351 and 2805, also Jalie 3247 and Suat Brazi for
her friend.
As well as the ones I forgot to blog from last year (oops)





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