New Horizons Summit Hoodie x2

Hello, Hello.  Things have been rough here since July so blogging has taken a backseat.  My health went more south again.  I gained 25lbs June-Aug and got my thyroid checked; yes it’s wonky but doc wants to wait to see if it stays wonky.

Then in Oct I had a surgery, and an infection, and then took antibiotics I KNEW would mess up my stomach. So it was no surprise that the week of Thanksgiving I was struck with horrid gastritis again from the medicine damage they say.

I am still dealing with that and struggling to even eat oatmeal and hold down water. So I’ve lost 15 of the 25lbs.  So I am here and I am sewing when I can, which is not as often as I would like.

I finally took a bunch of pics of some of my backlogged makes yesterday so I have a few posts to share.

New Horizons Summit Hoodie

1st make: 08/18/19

wander 1

My measurements at the time: bust 39, waist 32, hip 46.5

Size Sewn: 12 bust/waist to an 18 hip

wander 2

Fabric: 2 yards Navy Blue Sweatshirt Fleece, 80% cotton, 20% poly.  Purchased Feb 2015 from fashionfabricsclub for $11 total. The owl is french terry that I cut up from this unloved P4P hoodie I made in Nov 2016. The owl is from Wanderlust Designs Custom Fabric on Facebook.  I purchased the owl 1 yard in May 2016 on sale for $16.50. I also added Thermoflex vinyl to the hoodie with my Silhouette Cameo

wander 5

Sewing: so the pocket construction on this is flat out weird.  I have sew a few styles like this in the past and this construction is by far the strangest of the bunch – and not in a good way. Also, because of the way the panels are drafted the armscye is no longer curved and doesn’t match the sleeve.

Fit: The sleeves are WAY tight. Squeezing tight.  The back is also tight across the shoulders – a problem I seldom have with patterns.

wander 3
Thoughts:  I love the look of this top but the drafting leaves some to be desired.  I would pass on this pattern and look towards the very similar Sinclair Skylar instead.

However, looking past all that I love love love the look of this first one. I’m super sad it is too tight. I will just have to wait until my weight decreases enough that it fits. My fabric is a nice sturdy sweatshirt fleece and not as stretchy.

2nd make: 09/14/19


My measurements at the time: bust 39, waist 32, hip 47.5

Size sewn: 14 bust/waist to 20 hip


Fabric: 2 yards Royal French Terry from stylish fabrics. Purchased in Apr 2017 for $7.40/yard; it is soft and stretchy and must have some rayon in it; it is also thin for FT.  The Dreamcatcher French Terry is from Wanderlust Designs Custom Fabric on Facebook and I purchased it in May 2016 for $16.50 for a yard.  The side panels only use a bit of fabric.  I added Thermoflex vinyl to this hoodie too with my Silhouette Cameo.


Same sewing thoughts as above.


Fit: this one fits quite different than the first because of the fabric.  This one is stretchier and more drapey.  I really don’t care for how it feels.  The pocket is baggier because of the double layer of fabric and the nature of rayon.


Thoughts: I don’t think I’ll wear this one much.  I made it in Sept and only wore it once since then; when I wore it I felt uncomfortable in it.


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