Spoxxy Tank and Nightgown – SUAT



Way, way, way back in April 2016 I made a spoxxy tank to test the fit.  Pattern is by Stitch Upon a Time (SUAT). I hated it and stuffed it in the UFO/revisit pile.  In July (2019) I pulled it out and decided to make some changes.  One of the reasons I hated it was the bottom band.



Bottom bands are tricky for me with my pear shape.  Sometimes I can pull them off and sometimes they look terrible.  In this case it made the top poof up and I hated it. So, three years after it was banned to the UFO/revisit pile I pulled it out, chopped off the bottom band, hemmed it, and finished the arm/neck cover stitching.


Those tiny changes made a big difference and I loved the top!  The color is way wild for me; not something I would normally wear, not my colors, but with a black cardigan I like the look. It is something different and I need more variety in my closet.  (Cardigan is a Jalie Drop pocket cardi 3248 I made in Mar 2017; pants are Jalie Yoga pants 3022 I made in July 2019)


Since I started this top in 2016 I don’t have many details now.  I know I made a size L bust to XL hip.  I know the fabric because I had also used this for a Jalie Dolman top for Miss K in 2015.  The fabric is “Paintstrokes” ITY which I picked it up from FabricMart in July 2015 which cost $4.50 for the fat half I used for the front of this. The back is also an ITY in black which I picked up from Hancock’s in Sept 2015.  I used a fat half yard for that so we shall say, $1.60. Total for the shirt: $6.10


Because of my success with the tank I decided to make the updated Spoxxy pattern which includes a dress length.  I wanted a nightgown to wear.  As I mentioned in my previous post, my thyroid has been wonky since about April last year and I’ve been having these out of the blue sweating incidents mostly at night.  Not fun, not cool, and gross feeling!  I needed more tank nightgowns in my wardrobe.


Date sewn: 11/02/19

My measurements at the time: Bust 39, Waist 32, Hip 47.5

Size sewn: L bust to 2X hip as I wanted it nice and flowy.


Alterations: none!

Fabric: 2 yards of a paisley blue/white floral ITY knit. I got it in a scrap box in June 2017 but I don’t know from where.  I get scrap boxes from FabricMart and Knit pop so one of those.  I used Royal blue cotton lycra scraps for the bands and back racer spot.

Thoughts: I love it! I really, really love it! It’s easy to throw on.  I like ITY fabric because it’s cool feeling on my skin.  It is a loose style so it can be worn with my weight changes. I wear it every time it is clean.  I need to make a few more.

This year I’m going to try to sew through my stash and reduce it a bit.  I have been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of fabric I have; it has been stifling my creativity, too. Having a stash is great when you need fabric for a project, but having too much stash can be smothering. I have cut down on the amount of fabric I buy DRASTICALLY.  It has been hard, but I hope to reduce by 1/3rd this year.


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