Top 5 Misses of 2020

I thought I would do a few fun posts the end of this year.  The Sewcialists came up with a fun #SewingTop5 and I will play along.  Yesterday I posted my top 5 hits of 2020. Now it is time for my top 5 misses.  Then I will move on to non-sewing highlights, reflections, and goals.

The timeline I’m using is from June 2019-June 2020  that got the least wear.  I chose to include Middle 2019 to Middle 2020 because I usually don’t know about a make being a hit or a miss for awhile and a lot of my recent makes I won’t know if they are misses until 6 months or so goes by.

So here are my least worn makes from June 2019- June 2020

1. Helen’s Closet – Blackwood Cardigan


Made Sept 2019. Honestly it is no surprise this is on the list.  I love the fabric, but the fit from the start was not comfortable.  The sleeves on this pattern are excruciatingly tight. Needless to say it hangs in my closet unworn since it was made. I might like the pattern a lot better if my arms could breathe, but I have other patterns very similar that I can use with no adjustments (P4P grandpa cardigan, Sinclair Harper Cardi to name 2 off the top of my head).

2. Jalie – Alex 3907


Made Oct 2019. Another make that never really enjoyed was my second sewing of the Jalie Alex.  This fabric just feels all wrong on my body.  Comfort wins with me and this one isn’t comfortable.  The double fabric folds and bunches thickly and the weird arm folds feel gross. I do love this pattern, however, and I actually stole the one I made Miss K in fleece Llamas – which I wear all the time. In fleece this pattern is awesome.

3. Deer & Doe – Plantain


Made Sept 2019.  I’m not even sure why I do not wear this top.  I loved my first plantain but then changed sizes and cut it up, so I re-made that first plantain and I find I just never wear it.  I have sewn this pattern 4 times now.  There isn’t any good reason as to why it’s not worn. 

4. Jalie – Marie Claude 3667


Made Sept 2019. Here is another pattern I’ve sewn before and loved, yet when made this time I find I don’t like it as much.  My other one in a sheer sweater knit is amazing and I love it; I also loved it when I used a french terry knit.  This one in rayon spandex, not so much love.  I haven’t worn it or given it a chance once.  I find rayon spandex shows every lump and bump and I just don’t like how it feels on the body.

5. 5 out of 4 Nancy Dress

nancy 6

Made Nov 2019. This one is no surprise to this list.  It was a dud straight away.  The fit was awful.  I liked the fabric, but not with this pattern.  It went to the “no way” bin just after blog photos.


Most of the time my choices come down to comfort. Does it feel comfortable on me? Do I get too hot or too cold in it?  Is it soft enough?  Does it fit right? I find that many of my “misses” aren’t really the fault of the pattern, but usually a bad fabric choice to pair with the pattern. 


  1. Hi – I found your blog while making the Alex pullover. I made mine in JoAnns Luxe Fleece and I wear it quite a bit when it’s cold. I enjoyed your top five post as well (brassies made my list too after some crazy calf alterations). Thanks for having the courage to post the misses, mine are all buried in the scrap pile =).


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