Helen’s Closet ~ Blackwood Cardi and Jalie Alex Pullover

Helen’s Closet – Blackwood Cardigan


Date sewn: Sept 2019

Size sewn: L bust, XL waist, XXL hip


My measurements at the time: 39 bust, 32 waist, 47.5 hip

Alterations: 1/2” forward shoulder adjustment


Fabric: Utterly fantastic textured knit.  It is soft and smooth on the inside and textured on the outside.  It was amazing to sew too.  Telio Paola Pique Liverpool Knit Hermes Red Fabric; purchased from fabric.com/amazon Aug 2019 for $6.58/yard.  It is listed as 96% poly, 4% spandex and medium weight.  I used 2 yards.  This cardigan cost $13.16.


Thoughts: I had been wanting to make this cardigan forever.  With everyone I see wear it, it looks fantastic.  It fits my hips good; I’m glad I graded out to an XXL there.  I’m not sure how I completely feel about it though.  I love the fabric and it’s texture. I don’t love that the sleeves are sooooooo tight. To all my fellow broad biceped people, you will need more width in the sleeves.  This cardigan is tight all through the sleeves, too.  And I usually never have issues with my forearms and wrists. I wish I had measured the bicep width before sewing.  I made this cardigan to go with a dress that I have not made yet.  So I will save my final thoughts for once I pair it with its intended.


Jalie – Alex 3907


Date sewn:  10/27/19

Previous makes: llama fleece for Miss K in May 2019

Size sewn:  X for all, grading to CC at hips


My measurements at the time:  39 bust, 32 waist, 47.5 hip

Alterations: adjusted the pockets for the grading at the hips, 1/2” square shoulder adjustment


Fabric: Navy/Gray Soft Shell Grid Fleece, purchased from fashionfabricsclub Feb 2018 for $6.48/yard,  I used 2.5 yards so $16.20.  “This durable double layered performance soft shell fabric is created by combining a mechanical stretch micro knit fabric with a grid brick patterned fleece back. The knit face has a water resistant coating which allows water to bead off the fabric surface”  I really had high hopes for this fabric.  I want to like it, but I’m just not sure that I do.


Thoughts: It’s just ok.  This is one that I loved more in my head than I do in real life.  I’ve also lost 15 lbs since I made it so it is a bit large on me now.  The doubled fabric feels heavy and weird.  I’m sure the problem is the fabric.  The llama one I made Miss K in fleece I love. I don’t know, I feel frumpy in this one and that doesn’t make me want to wear it.  The double fabric makes the sleeves have huge folds, or the sleeve pattern itself does that – I’m not sure.  It almost feels like my sleeves are twisting to the front.  I also feel like there is 1” too much in center front @ the hipline.  Like the front needs less width and it should distribute to the back.


I have to point out one of my biggest pet peeves here;  I hate hate hate when there are sleeves cut on the fold.  You always have 2 sleeves, you always need 2 sleeves.  It annoys me to no end that I have sleeves cut on the fold.  Having sleeve pattern flat allows me to cut 2 easily and not fiddle with the fabric and wonder if my pattern pieces are all going to fit. *rant over*  Anyway, I am not sure if this will get much wear.  I’ll put it in the closet for a few months and see. I’m sure I will make another in fleece at some point.



  1. I love the cardigan fabric! That’s too bad that the sleeves are snug. I had a dress like that once (Ottobre) and I loved it but couldn’t wear it because it was so tight! My arms have to be comfortable too. I like the Alex too; great fabric color combo. I never thought about it, but you are so right about sleeves having to be cut on the fold. It is annoying and would make better use of the fabric to cut flat.


  2. Hi –
    I just finished my Alex by Jalie and also groaned a bit with the sleeve cut on the fold. The pattern provided the finished length and after reading and measuring ALL THE THINGS, I took 5″ out of the finished length. Some of that came out of the arm cycle (which fit wise was great), but cutting the sleeve on the fold made it REALLY hard to slash the sleeve, and still have a straight fold line. Sigh. I love the fit of mine now, it ends right at my low waist, so I am really glad I cut the length. Also, all in luxe fleece fro Joanne’s. _ Kristy (ps I found your blog link on Instagram, via #jalielife hashtag)


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