2020 Fall/Winter Sewing Plans

Fall is here! I’m so excited.  I love fall; it is my favorite season.  Here are my fall to winter sewing plans for this year.  I plan to make some of the things I had on previous fall lists but didn’t’ get to, as well as some new things.

2020 swap fall winter

From left to right, starting at the top:

First up, this Ottobre cardigan that I’ve been meaning to make since fall 2014. I’ve had the fabric and everything all ready for it the past 6 years so let’s finally make it! 05/2011 #13

Next is a Sinclair Harper Cardigan (COMPLETED). I have wanted to make it since making the Blackwood Cardigan last September, so I can compare the two.

The Paprika Jasper hoodie I have wanted to make forever.

Burda 01/2010 #105 is the sewing course for that issue. I am excited to make this zip up hoodie. I have a fleece backed wind proof type fabric to use.

Also, these Burda corduroy pants! I started tracing and altering last year but then gave up and moved on to something else. I want to finally make them this fall. Burda 02/2014 #143

Lekala 1653 top, another in my “to-do” list for years completed!

I need to finish this Burda button up shirt. It has sat in half-finished state for 5 years (I am ashamed!). Burda 12/2009 #124

This Burda wrap front top I wanted to make last year, and planned it to go with the Burda corduroy pants.  Burda 07/2009 #122

Sinclair Joanne Faux wrap dress completed!

Jalie Jeanne pjs with some soft waffle knit completed!

Burda 01/2017 #126 robe with a silky satiny-type fabric

Jalie 2567 fleece robe. I can’t wait to make this because my 2 robes just like this are falling apart. I am not totally set on this fabric, but we will see.

And adding to the plan is:

This Ottobre Coat (COMPLETED) I have been meaning to make since Spring 2018.   Ottobre 02/2017 #7

otto coat

And this Ottobre Shirtdress 02/2017 #10, also wanted to make since Spring 2018

otto shirtdresswindowpane

So there you have it! 1st day of Fall (in my book) and I have my plans all set.

This is the year to finish all my planned makes from previous years. A catch up year, so to speak.  I’ve been doing a good job so far; I just need to keep this momentum up.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Isn’t it crazy how time can fly when it comes to UFOs and sewing intentions!? WHEW!
    I love so many of those!! I’ve wanted to sew the Jasper since it came out so I’ll be looking out for yours.


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