A Tale of 2 Dresses ~ P4P Sweetheart and Sunshine

Pattern: Patterns For Pirates – Sweetheart Dress


Made previously: Navy Roses in June 2017, L/S stripe in Mar 2017, Dk green renfrew mashup in Mar 2017, ITY knit in Oct 2016

Date Sewn: I finished most of this dress Apr 2020, but waited forever to hem it. I was deciding whether to raise the waistline or not and then just stalled out on the project.


My measurements at the time: 39 Bust, 32 waist, and 46.5 hip

Size used: XL (my other 4 were made in a size L, but I felt like 2 of them (ITY and Ponte stripe) were a bit tight so I bumped up to an XL – which is what my measurements are anyway. I used the short sleeve version with full circle skirt.


Alterations: 1/2” forward shoulder adjustment – common for me.

Fabric: “American Beauty Pink Roses on Pale Aqua,” med-weight, 4way stretch, double brushed poly spandex, $8.50 a yard. Pattern took about 3 yards.  Purchased Nov 2017 from Purpleseamstress. Total fabric: $25.50


Thoughts: I don’t know. I just don’t “love it.”   Is it ok? yes. Does it look ok? yes.  But that is as far as it goes.  I did have to go back and raise the bodice by an inch as I felt it was too frumpy when it was lower.  I like this fabric with my Laundry Day Tank, but I don’t really like it as a full dress.  I don’t know, maybe I’m being silly, maybe I’m thinking forward to fall and this dress is not really for fall at all.  Maybe I just prefer darker colors?  My mind keeps thinking this dress is made for Easter, or for church, or for church on Easter!  I Loved my other 3 of the 4 I made previously; however, now that I’ve made the Miss Ruby Tuesday dress from 1 Puddle Lane, I kind of prefer that one instead of this pattern.   It seems to fit better and has way more options.  Who knows. I put it in the closet and will see if it gets worn when summer rolls around again.

Pattern: Patterns For Pirates – Sunshine Dress bodice, mashed with Sweetheart Dress Skirt


Date Sewn: I made most this dress April 2017, yes, 2017 lol, and then didn’t like how it was fitting so I threw it off to the side and never thought about it again until I dug through my UFO pile this year. I had stopped shy of hemming and arm bindings.


My measurements at the time: I wish I wrote them down, but sadly I did not. I was about 1-2 sizes smaller than I am in the 2020 photos. Below are some photos when I first made it in 2017.



Size used: Straight size Large for both the bodice and the skirt.


Alterations: none


Fabric: A nice soft teal double brushed poly. Double Brushed Poly Spandex Jersey Knit Teal Fabric By The Yard, purchased March 2017, 3 yards for $6.98/yard from Amazon/fabric.com.  I see they still have lots of colors left. 


Thoughts: I still do not like how the bodice fits. I wanted to finish the dress finally so it was complete and it is. But I still do not like it. There is just too much weird pulling at the side seams and the bodice is cut too low. The side seams pull awkwardly in on both sides, they do not remain straight and the “gathers” at the front are not really gathers – they are just weird folds.  I like the look of a faux wrap top.  I like the color of this fabric.  I love the circle skirt.  I don’t like the bodice.  I have a few other patterns now with this sort of style bodice (miss ruby tuesday, and sinclair joanne) so I will give them a try instead.  When I was trimming my binding on the arms of this I cut into my dress Sad smile  I was so angry and sad. I fused a piece of the same fabric to the back so you can’t tell too much but the damage is certainly done. I am going to use the skirt from this and just sew up a new bodice.  I don’t think I have any of this same fabric left so I will have to figure something else out.  My UFO pile is getting smaller and smaller!


Thanks for reading!



  1. How frustrating cutting into the dress!! If there is a silver lining, I guess it’s better that it isn’t something you fell in love with. WAH!
    I do love that skirt – it’s perfect on you! I like the surplice bodice too but we’ve all been there with something that looks fine but it just isn’t working for you.


  2. […] It’s hot, hot, and more hot. Initially I was wearing the black/white dress –  (not memade but thrifted) & I felt like a million bucks. I asked my husband if it was too much for home depot plant shopping, he said “damn you look good.” woohoo! BUT then the 17 year old came up and said “no way mom, it’s too much.” so I changed. sadface. Dress: patterns for pirates – Sunshine dress, which isn’t so voom voom in your face, but equally fun to wear. Sewn 2017 – 2020, oops. lol. […]


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