Laundry Day Tee – Love Notions and another M4M – Chloe Skirt

While scrolling through my phone this ad kept popping up for a tank top.  After seeing it about 15 times I thought, Hey I should copy that.  So I did.

Laundry Day Tee – Love Notions


Made before: Black tunic tee in April 2017

Started Sewing: 06/29/19    Finished Sewing: 07/01/19


Measurements at this time: High bust 37, Bust 39, Waist 32, Hip 46

Size Sewn: Medium with a length of Large (I sized down because I remember it being large before; however my notes from before say to make an even smaller size next time S bust and M waist/hip, oops!)

Alterations/Options Made: Tank option, 1/2” forward shoulder, Made Armbands 2” x 21.5”


This was too big and frumpy at first. So I went back after I was finished and took 1/2” off the sides from bust to 3” above the hip. Then I took out 1” off from hem/hip and blended it to the 3” above the hip 1/2” off. Much better!

Fabric: “American Beauty Pink Roses on Pale Aqua,” med-weight, 4way stretch, double brushed poly spandex, $8.50 a yard. Pattern took 1 yard.  Purchased Nov 2017 from Purpleseamstress


Thoughts: Love it!  I think it looks very similar to the RTW one I was copying.  I’ve worn it a ton of times already.  Can’t wait to make more!  It is perfect on it’s own and also under a cardigan.

Future: Changed paper pattern to reflect the 1” off hem/hip to 1/2” off waist bust. No other changes needed for future.

Made For Mermaids – Chloe Maxi Skirt


Made before: Gray heathered stripe in June 2019, also used the skirt for this modified floral Boundless dress from Mar 2018

Measurements at this time: 31.5 waist, 46 hip

Size Sewn: Waist Indigo, the rest Green


Alterations Made: Added 2” to hem, took 1/8” off waist on each side of skirt portion;  Waistband was way too tight in this cotton lycra.  took off and recut at 32.5” instead of 31.5”


Fabric: 2 yards Turquoise cotton poly jersey.  Purchased from Knitpop in April 2017 for $5.10/yard so $10.20 total for the skirt. Waistband was a small bit of Deep Seafoam Cotton lycra purchased from FabricMart in Mar 2018 for $1.99/yard. It has excellent recovery which I think is why it was so tight at the normal waistband length.


Thoughts: I love all maxi skirts.  I enjoy having something I can throw on quickly and it keeps me looking nice yet feeling cool on those hot summer days.

Future: I think I have the pattern worked out now.  I hope to make a basic Navy one and a gray one too.


  1. Updated my link! Blogger is pretty awful :/ Google has basically dumped it as a product. Ugh.

    LOVE the tank! The fit is great and the fabric is gorgeous!


    • Thanks for coming over Nakisha! I agree, Google also has a history of just up and stopping a service so it makes me scared to loose those 7 years of work 😦

      Can’t wait to make more of these tanks! Thank you!


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