Tops tops tops! Love Notions & Jalie

Pattern: Love Notions ~ Classic Tee


Date sewn: 12/08/20

My measurements at the time: 40 bust, 32 waist, 46 hip

Size Sewn: Bust/waist in Large, Hips in XL


Alterations: 1/2” forward shoulder adjustment

I made the scoop neck, short sleeve version


Fabric: Amazing fabric. It was love at first sight. It is a Double Brushed Poly Jersey Knit Floral Navy/Red Fabric; fiber content is 96% Polyester/4% Lycra Spandex. I purchased it August 2019 from Amazon/ for $6.38/yard. I used 1 yard for this tee. I used the other 2 yards of this fabric for my much loved Miss Ruby Tuesday Dress in 2020.


Thoughts: Love the fabric. I like the tee. Its a bit big on me now that I lost so much weight but its not overly big. I enjoy the room it gives. I am now a size smaller and may make another but this one is still a great wear. It is the ultimate comfort tee.


Pattern: Love Notions ~ Laundry Day Tee


Date sewn: 02/06/21

Sewn before: black tunic tee in 2017, Aqua floral tank in 2019

My measurements at the time: 40 bust, 32 waist, 46 hip

Size Sewn: Bust/waist in Large, Hips in XL


Alterations: 1/2” forward shoulder adjustment, shirt length, tee option

I added the doxie graphic with my silhouette cameo. I love my Mr. Cheeto so much. He’s my soul.


Fabric: Turquoise Triblend jersey knit, $5/yard purchased May 2017 from knitpop. I used only about 1 yard for this top I think, maybe 1.25 yards. I didn’t write it down sadly.


Thoughts: I like it a lot. I don’t think I love it. The fabric is soft and flows but its not as drapey as a double brushed poly. The jersey is a little stiffer. Its like, not love. I do love the graphic though! I feel like the shirt may be a bit too big for me now that I lost so much weight. It’s sorta poofy on the bottom hip area.


Pattern: Jalie ~ Beatrice 4135 Tank

Date sewn: 08/10/20

My measurements at the time: Bust 39, Waist 32, Hip 46

Size Sewn: X for bust/waist, grading to an AA for the hip


Alterations: none! I pattern tested for this top and I didn’t make any adjustments.


Fabric: Double brushed poly. I was able to cut this out of 3/4 yard of fabric easily. This fabric was a scrap that I held onto for so long waiting for that perfect pattern. This was it! I got it in a scrap pack from Knitpop. I love tops from less than a yard of fabric. Win! Win! It is called Double Brushed Monochrome Roses on Pink poly spandex, and I got the scrap box May 2017.


Thoughts: I like the length, even though I am used to wearing my tanks longer (by like an inch or 2). I like how it looks and fits with my stomach/hip area – it is not too tight. It was a decently fast sew and I love the finished result. (I have a slight swayback issue in this but that is quite common for me and I made this with no alterations). I love how the binding is attached for this tank, it looks pretty inside and out. I tested this pattern and I know they changed it a bit for the final copy. There is more armscye coverage so no side-boob shows now. And There is no longer a racerback option – which is sad because that’s my favorite way to have tanks. Regardless its an awesome pattern, another winner from Jalie. I can wear this all year round, it looks great with a cardigan. (seen below with my Jalie Drop Pocket Cardigan). They also have a dress option now for the released pattern! I can’t wait to make that version.


Pattern: Jalie ~ Mimosa 3890 for Miss K


Sewn before: green floral in 2018

Date Sewn: 11/07/20


Size Sewn: R

Alterations: shortened the sleeves by 2” per Miss K’s wishes. she didnt want them turned up in a cuff like the pattern shows.


Fabric: I wanted this fabric for myself. I had been saving it for awhile. Miss K grabbed it and I couldn’t say no but I am secretly sad the fabric is now gone. Double Brushed Denim & Small Ivory Stripes Poly Spandex, $5.10/yard purchased April 2017 from knitpop. I have about 3/4 yard left so I used 1.25 yards for this top. (3/4 yard left! maybe I’ll make another Jalie Beatrice tank for me with the scraps!).

Thoughts: I love the top on her. I think it looks great! She thinks it is too long and wants about 2” taken off the length. She’s so used to those awful crop tops, I much prefer the longer length. I love love love that curved bottom hem. I need to make me some more of these. Sadly I got rid of my first one I made and I miss it terribly! I want it back! I don’t know why I ever get rid of me-made clothes because I usually want the again after a bit. My old notes say to definitely use the recommended fabric for this – one with a bit of structure or recovery; or I suggest to size down one if using a really drapey knit like rayon/spandex. My sweater knit was perfect for the top and I love Miss K’s dbp version too.

health update: my radiation starts Oct. 25th and is 5 days a week for 6 weeks. With an almost 4 hr car ride each day.

Thanks for reading!!


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