2 cardigans: Sinclair Harper and Jalie 3248

(apologies for the first set of pictures. I attempted to use a ring light here on a rainy day and the result was not as I hoped).

Pattern: Sinclair Harper

honey front 5

Date Sewn: Started 08/04/20, finished 08/06/20


My measurements at the time: 39 bust, 31 waist, 45.5 hip

honey back 1

Size used: 12 for bust/waist and 16 for hip

honey side 1

Alterations: 1/2” forward shoulder adjustment which is normal for me.

honey front 3

Fabric: 2 yards of Dark Grey Honeycomb Double knit.  It is 50% polyester and 50% rayon.  I purchased it from fashionfabricsclub in June 2019 for $3.92/yard.

honey front 4

Thoughts: I like it.  It feels slightly tight in the arms.  I would like a little more room in the arms because I can’t wear any long sleeve shirts under this.  I feel the pockets are in an odd spot, not very functional because of where they sit height-wise.  It doesn’t close shut over my bust or hips, but I’m not sure it is meant to come that far in anyway. It is a nice cardigan.  I like the fabric. I like the length.  It was a fast, easy sew.  It is just ok. I’m not sure if I would make another.

honey front 6

Also wearing my P4P Sweet Tee and Jalie 3022 Yoga pants here.

Pattern: Jalie 3248 Drop Pocket Cardigan


Sewn before: black one in March 2017, Gray one Aug 2016, teal one for Miss K (still unblogged).


Date Sewn: I traced and cut this last fall and didn’t get to sewing it until this fall 08/16/20

My measurements at the time of tracing and cutting: 39 bust, 32 waist, 47.5 hip


Size used: y for bust/waist and cc for hip

Alterations: none


Fabric: 2 yards Black sweatshirt fleece.  Single sided sweatshirt knit with plush brushed fleece back. It is super soft. I purchased it in Feb 2018 for $3.94/yard from Stylish fabrics.


Thoughts: I love this drop pocket design, plus there are double front pieces so they act as a full facing.  There aren’t many seams visible on this cardigan – just the sides and sleeves.  I wear my other two a ton and have gained some weight so they are a bit small on me. I miss wearing them because I seriously reached for them and wore them almost every time I left the house.  This one turned out a little big on me but I don’t care. It is soft and wonderful and I will wear it a ton too! I need to remake a gray one now.  The gray one I made previously was a thin sweater knit and absolutely perfect in every way.  I always want one of these drop pocket cardigans in my wardrobe. I love them!


Also wearing my Jalie 3022 Yoga pants here and a sneak peek at a top I can’t share yet!

Thanks for reading!



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