Top 5 Reflections on 2020 and Goals for 2021

I thought I would do a few fun posts the end of this year.  The Sewcialists came up with a fun #SewingTop5 and I will play along.  I have already posted my top 5 Hits and Misses of 2020 as well as my top 5 non-sewing highlights.  So here I am at the last post of 2020 – my Goals for next year and my reflections on this year.

Goal posts are always hard for me.  I used to be a person with a lot of goals.  I was a “go-getter”.  Then I became ill and my goals were put on hold. As the years went by and I stayed ill I started letting go of my goals.  Due to my chronic health issues I am completely unreliable now days.  I never know when I will be stuck in bed for days on end or if I will be able to get up and go somewhere.  I don’t make plans, I don’t set anything for the future because I just don’t know.  Its easier to avoid making plans than to disappoint myself and my family.  I will attempt to set some goals for next year, but I can’t promise I will stick to them.

Goals for 2021

1. Use much more of my fabric stash, do not buy more fabric!


Ok, this goal I’ve had pretty much every year since 2012 when I started sewing. I really intend to stick to it this year though.  I have more than enough fabric and plans to use it.  Also, if we intend to move in the next 1-3 years I don’t want to hear my husband complaining for 6 months after about all the sewing stuff he had to lift and move. So, use it up and don’t buy more!

2. Use the patterns I have, do not buy more patterns!


We all get tempted by the latest awesome pattern that everyone seems to make.  I get sucked into that too.  I want all the patterns. I want them just “in case” I might need them down the road, or I want them because I want to make them now!  I have way more than enough patterns and magazines to last more than a lifetime! I currently have 3 drawers of a legal cabinet stuffed full of pdfs and Jalie. I have 3 drawers of a regular file cabinet stuffed full of Burda and Ottobre magazines.  And then I have 2 drawers of my simplicity pattern cabinet stuffed full of paper (big4) patterns.  I need to get sewing them up.  I have spreadsheets that list things I want to make and with what fabric; I need to use this and start making!

3. Be content with the sewing machines I have, do not buy more machines!


Ok, you see a theme going here.  I need 2021 to be a year of use it up, make due, do not buy more.  I am actually putting us on a spending freeze starting Jan 1. We have too much stuff.  I have moving on my mind and we need to move less this time.  Back to the sewing machines.  I am a bit obsessed with collecting them.  I either buy a machine and then a new one comes out and I’m all “oooh that’s pretty, I want it” or I see a vintage machine and my heart just screams “buy it, fix it up, don’t let it get thrown away!”  I have a serious problem.  There is nothing wrong with my machines both new, and old.  I cannot get any more until we move.  Right now I have my main machines from L to R: Babylock Presto 2 as main, Babylock Celebrate as main serger (brother 1034d that I just can’t get rid of as a backup.  He has been such a workhorse), Babylock Coverstitch2 as my coverstitch, and my Babylock Flourish2 as my embroidery machine.   In addition to these that I use almost on the daily, I have my vintage “fun” machines that I pull out whenever I get the itch.  There are 2 Kenmores, 2 Whites, 1 Elna, 2 Singers I’m fixing, and a Montgomery Ward.  I love working on them and making them run in tip top shape again.  We also have Miss K’s Brother sewing machine in my room.  So that is 14 freaking machines we have.  That is enough for a lifetime of sewing. I need to stop. Here are just some of the ones I have.


4. Take pictures and post my makes within 30 days of making them.

I am really bad about this.  I generally make something up and it sits in the closet waiting for photos because I’m just too tired to put on my “face” and take pictures.  I like having my blog posts for reference when I am done with makes, but it is super time consuming to write the blog posts.  I am so backlogged on makes right now that I don’t feel like posting at all because I feel overwhelmed, like I won’t ever catch up. I need to make the time and just take the pictures and write the posts.  I use my posts quite a bit.  I re-read them before re-making things. I look back at posts when I’m feeling down or frustrated if things aren’t working out on a current make. I use the posts for the information and for motivation.  So in 2021 I would like to catch up on all backlog and keep up on current make posts.

5. Enjoy my sewing.

I want to take the time to enjoy what I’m making.  I want to enjoy the process and be in my Zen mode when sewing. I don’t want to feel rushed or frustrated or unhappy.  My sewing is my happy place.  It allows me to enjoy a part of life and it lets me feel like I accomplish things.  I feel productive and that makes me happy.  I love the sewing community and I love being  a part of it.  I like connecting with humans because sometimes just talking to the dogs isn’t enough for me. I am so thankful to be a part of the sewing community and I get so much joy when people read my posts and enjoy them, get inspired by them, or get useful tips from them.  2021 needs to be a good year.  A productive year.

There are my 5 goals for this next year.  Use my fabric, patterns, and machines. Get my blog posts up, and enjoy my sewing.

Reflections on 2020

This is hard for me. There isn’t too much to reflect on in 2020.  We stayed low-key.  We didn’t do much out of the ordinary.  I sewed some, but not as much as I wanted.

1. Most proud make?


Any of the 3 pairs of pants that I made this year that fit amazing.  I am so proud that I was finally able to get a decent pant fit.  I worked extremely hard researching and testing different alterations.  I was relieved and happy when I seemed to finally crack the code on my lower half fittings. (McCalls M7061 in red, Burda 11/2007 #122 in gray and Greenstyle Brassies in Black)

2. Most challenging make?


This is most definitely my Ottobre coat.  That thing was a beast to sew and make. The fabric, the amount of pieces, the buttonholes and buttons.  Everything about it was work, but I am so glad I did make it and I love the coat. I haven’t had much opportunity to wear it since I finished it late fall; so I look forward to spring when I will wear it often.

3. Most enjoyable make?


I think my most enjoyable make was my Burda 12-2010 #140 apron.  I don’t sew much with woven and it was a fun project to make something I actually needed.  It turned out super cute and it always puts a smile on my face when I wear it.

4. Most important thing I learned?

Don’t give up, keep trying even if you fail many times if it is something you want.  Don’t be afraid to use that favorite fabric – there is always more fabric that will become a favorite.  If something doesn’t work, try a different way until it does work. Here is the alteration that most helped me in my pants fitting. I learned about it a few years ago but never really tried it.  This year I tried it and it was the biggest help.  It is the knock knee adjustment. So I would say this is the most important thing I learned to do this year for better fitting.


5. Did I end up making everything on my 2020 sewing plans?

SWAP Spring 2020

We can start with Spring/Summer.  I completed only 5 things off these plans.  I have 3 things currently in progress as well. So 8/24.  I still want to make everything on this list and will get to it in my own time.

Closet Core Ginger Jean Shorts; Jalie 2908 Jean Shorts (not yet blogged); Ottobre 02/2017 #7 Spring Coat; Closet Core Ginger Jean/Jalie Mash up in grey; Jalie 3248 Drop Pocket Cardigan

And now for the Fall/Winter plans:

2020 swap fall winter

I have completed 3 of these so far and have 2 more in progress as well as 3 with the fabric prewashed (that counts as in progress, right?).  These are my plans for fall and winter so I have until the end of Feb to get the list knocked out.

Sinclair Harper; Lekala 1653 (unblogged); Jalie Jeanne (unblogged)

That about sums up 2020 and what I hope for 2021.  Thank you so much for reading and being here with me on this journey. I love following along with so many other sewists journey’s as well. I hope we all have a wonderful 2021.




  1. I enjoyed reading your post and oh my gosh, all those patterns, fabric and machines, but you know what, I enjoy just looking through my sewing things, its almost a hobby in itself, hope you do to. You have no obligation to write blog posts, don’t let it stop you wearing your makes, but yes I agree you should use the stuff you already have. x


    • Thank you Helen! I do enjoy looking at everything, too! I have a picture of all my patterns in a binder so I can just browse from bed when I want a pick-me-up. I find the planning stage so exciting and fun. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love reading your blog. It’s wonderful to have a little window into another sewing room! I appreciate that you share your hits and misses–and today I feel a tiny bit better about my fabric stash 🙂


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