Burda 12/2010 #140 Cows & Chickens Apron

Pattern: Burda 12/2010 #140


Date Sewn: 08/07/20


My measurements at the time: bust 38.5/waist 32/ hip 46


Size used: 44 as the pattern only went to a 44 (my hips are usually a 46/48 in Burda)


Alterations: My main fabric was only 43” wide and contrast 42” wide after washing. The pattern apron piece wanted 45 3/4” wide.  I really wanted to use this fabric for this pattern so I just adjusted my contrast band and apron piece to 42” wide. I figured there were enough gathers to compensate for this reduction. The pattern doesn’t call for a contrast band on the bottom but I saw this apron made up on the Russian Burda site and it had a band and looked great. So I just made a band pattern piece and added it.


Instructions: poor. But no surprise as it is Burda.  The pattern has no pieces to trace, they merely give you dimensions since all (7) pieces are rectangles. At first I was drawing all my pattern pieces on my tracing paper without seam allowances because it wasn’t clear in the pattern if the dimensions they gave included them or not. By the time I got to my 3rd piece I realized I needed to add the Seam Allowances and Hem Allowances so I scrapped all my pieces and started over.


To make this sew up fast I changed the sewing order to as follows:

1. sew sashes and straps (folded in half), as well as the doubled up pockets (leave room to turn). Trim and turn all right side out, press.


2. I doubled the fabric for the bib portion so I could insert the straps and have a clean finish. I stuck the straps in the middle of the bib sandwich and sewed 3 sides (not the bottom), then turned right side out and pressed. Straps are now almost finished, sew ends of straps according to pattern with these triangle type edges. (fold 1/2” in, then fold each side down so the point in the middle is even, sewn around the triangle).


3. attach waistband to bib by enclosing bib in middle like a sandwich with waistband on top and bottom.  fold waistband down and press.

4. attach pockets & hem band to apron; hem bottom of band and sides of apron. Then gather apron top.

5. Attach apron to waistband leaving 1/2” on each side of waistband.

6. Turn in waistband ends 1/2” and slip strap ends into these. Topstitch around where straps are inserted into waistband. Then finish ends of straps like you finished ends of sashes above.


Fabric: Freaking love this fabric! I used 1.5 yards of the Fabric Editions Animal Print (the gray) which I purchased in April 2020 from Marshall Dry Goods for $5.49/yard and 1 yard of Timeless Treasures Dear Stella Fresh Dew Multi Spring Chickens, also purchased from Marshall Dry Goods in April 2020 for $5.49/yard.  Total for the apron $13.73.


Thoughts: I love it! I needed an apron for so long and I’m glad I finally took the time to sew up this project.  This is the 1st thing I’ve sewn from this Burda issue.  I feel like it fits me great except the top bib folds in at the top above my bust. I’m assuming this is because the bib needed room for the bust but then is too wide for where the straps start to pull in for the neck.  It doesn’t take away that I love the apron.  I hope it lasts for years and years.

(I’m wearing my Jalie 3022 Yoga pants and P4P Sweet Tee under the apron).

Thanks for reading!


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