McCall’s M7061 Pajama set ~ Sewing Plans

Pattern: McCall’s M7061 Pajama set


These were part of my Fall/Winter sewing plans for 2019

Date Sewn: 08/16/20

Fabric: Baum Textiles WinterFleece Classic Plaid Red/Black Yard, purchased on Amazon in Sept 2017 for $7.58/yard.  I used all 4 yards for this set so the total was $30.32.  The pattern calls for 2 yards for the top and 2 yards for the bottoms in my size. I have some scraps left over that Miss K says I need to use for dog coats.  I can’t wait to match my fur babies, should be exciting.

Let’s Start with the Top


My measurements at the time: High Bust 36, Bust 39, Waist 32, Hip 46

Size used: Top L bust/waist, XL sleeve and hip, View A.


Alterations: 1/2” forward shoulder adjustment (standard for me).

The finished measurements for the bicep are wrong.  The large size states its 14” but it is not, it is only 13.5”.  That 1/2” really does matter.  My bicep measures 13” and I wanted more than the 1/2” ease so I went with the XL size that has a finished measurement of 14.5” (not 15” like the pattern states).  I could should have done a full bicep adjustment to the L size, but I was lazy and just used the XL size.  This added the 1” ease I needed for my arms to be comfortable, but also made more ease to fit into that armscye.

The hood is enormous!  Like very very large.  I compared it to my Jalie 3355 hood, that is much smaller and preferred.


The differences were huge.  I decided to reduce the size of the hood by 1” on all sides except for the bottom.  In turn, this meant I needed to raise the neckline of the top by 2” which I liked better anyway because I don’t like seeing a hood seam so far down on the bodice. It worked out perfectly and the hood attached with no issues.


And now for the pants


My measurements at the time: Waist 32, Hip 46

Size used: Pants in XL, View F.


Alterations: 1/2” knock knee alteration where you slide the inseam in by the 1/2” from knee to ankle and then blend up to the crotch point on the inseam and take in on the outseam ankle to knee, blending up to hip. I scooped the butt curve by 3/4” by comparing the crotch curve to my almost perfect Burda pants.  I measured the back crotch curve and it was only 11.75” and I knew I needed 15” for my butt.  So I added 2” by slashing and spreading the crotch curve at hip line.  Then I added an additional 1.5” to the top of the center back, tapering to 0” at side seam.  In the front I needed to lower the center front rise by 2” because I like my pants to be under my stomach (due to health issues). I was happy to see the back pant piece had the crotch line added to the pattern.  It is an easy line to find on my own but I enjoyed not having to do it; though I am not sure why they did not also add it to the front piece. For the pants I added 36” of 1.5” wide elastic to the waistband of the pants. I can’t believe the pattern does not have you add elastic to the waist!  The ankle cuffs (which they call leg bands) are very, very tight to attach; I was stretching them to the max.  Also, the pants are about 1-1.5” too short for me so next time I need to add to the hem.


Here is how I do the knock knee adjustment. It seems to help quite a bit with wrinkles in the back legs and under butt.



Thoughts: I love the set. They are perfect for winter when it’s bone chilling cold outside. They are soft, fuzzy, and warm (very warm when it is 85° out!).  I wish the pants were a bit longer, but other than that I have no complaints.  They fit great and feel great.  I do think that the set together is a bit overwhelming to look at. Thankfully I can mix and match these two pieces with other makes to tone them down a bit.

The top I can pair with any of my black leggings.  Seen here with my Apostrophe My Fit leggings.


And the bottoms I can pair with any of my black tops and tanks.  Seen here with my P4P Sweet Tee.


So as a set, I think they are a bit much.  As separates, I like them quite a lot. I will probably make this pattern again some time either in more fleece, or maybe I will try an interlock set.

Thanks for reading!



  1. […] alterations:  I do know I did a 1/2” knock knee alteration on these.  I have found this makes ALL the difference in how my pants fit below the butt to the knee.  This is by far my most ah-ha moment in pants fitting.  I never thought I had knock knees but now, its all I can see.  this alteration is gold. I talk about the knock knee alteration and show the photo how to do it in the middle of this pj post here. […]


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