Unselfish Sewing

Sometimes I sew for others.  It is a rare occasion but I do.

Jalie Nordik 4025

Back in November 2020 I tested the Jalie Nordik slippers for my husband. I was actually quite surprised that they fit his size 14 feet.

I was more surprised that when I gave them to him, he never took them off.  Seriously, he wore them around the house forever and is still wearing them.

He tells me they are very comfortable and it is hard to find slippers in his size.

2020 nov 7 troy nordik slippers jalie 12020 nov 7 troy nordik slippers jalie 2

He measured a 30 on the chart so I used 30. I made View B – the slippers

2020 nov 7 troy nordik slippers jalie 32020 nov 7 troy nordik slippers jalie 4

I used Wool for the outer, Twill with grippy fabric dots for the sole, fleece for the inner layer and black rib knit for the heel.

I had no 1” of loft batting so I used 2 layers of compressed 1/2” quilt batting.  This was super super thick to sew through.  I think 1” as the pattern states would be best.

2020 nov 7 troy nordik slippers jalie 5

2020 nov 7 troy nordik slippers jalie 7

I love how they turned out! He said
“they went on nice and easy, they are comfortable. No not too big, not too small, they are nice”

His toe is
at the very very end but he swears they are not too short. They look wide to me but he says they are not.

He hasn’t taken them off his feet in days and now months since I made them, so I think they are a hit!

2020 nov 7 troy nordik slippers jalie 11

I used water soluble stabilizer to cover the grippy dot material so my machine would stitch
it with no issues.

This worked very well. I think the spray basting was super helpful sewing the batting
to the fabric; the first slipper I didn’t use the spray baste and had shifting fabric.

2020 nov 7 troy nordik slippers jalie

I can’t wait to make myself some now as I am jealous that my husband gets them. I want a pair of boots from the pattern!

GreenStyle Hamptons

In December 2020 I made Mr. T some fun Christmas pajama shorts.  I started them and finished them on 12/23/20 (whew, that was a close one for Christmas).

Fabric: I used Joann’s doodles.  They get a bad rap for shrinking terribly and fading, but he’s still wearing them a year later and they have held up well.

2020 dec 23 tay greenstyle hampton shorts  2

I used the Greenstyle Hampton pattern.  It fits him so well and he loves the pockets. His measurements at the time: 31.5 waist, 39 hip, and 35 pants waist

2020 dec 23 tay greenstyle hampton shorts 1

I made these in a straight medium for him, with no alterations. I made him these once before in the cactus print.

I have also sewn up a pair for Mr. Sunnysewing too, both of those were in 2018.

2020 dec 23 tay greenstyle hampton shorts 3

They sew up very nice and look really RTW (ready to wear – store bought).  They fit great and the instructions are wonderful.

shorts for tay xmas 1

This is the best photo I could get of Mr. T wearing them.

GreenPepper 560not recommended

And I also made in December 2020 (12/06/20) some hoodies for the dogs with a Green Pepper Pattern.

I used their size and measurements but they turned out way too tight and small.  This is the second Green Pepper Pattern I have used that turned out way too small.

Bennie Bear (the white one) I sewed a size Small. His was super sausage tight and the bottom’s of the back and pocket did not match up.


Cheeto (the black beauty) I sewed up an XL and he can barely walk in it it’s so tight.

dec 2020 dogs 1

Fabric: I used leftover fleece scraps from my McCalls pajama set that I love so much.

the fabric is Baum Textiles WinterFleece Classic Plaid Red/Black Yard, purchased on Amazon in Sept 2017 for $7.58/yard.

dec 2020 dogs

I am super disappointed they did not fit right.  They look so dang cute and I wanted them to be matching boys.

I’m not so sure I am willing to try a Green Pepper pattern again. Here are the Glov-itts I tried to make Miss K in 2017 that were a disaster.

Sew A Little Seam – Movie Night Pjs for Pets

In March 2020 I made the dogs some cute tees to match Miss K’s Christmas pants. (yes I know, March is a little late but better than never).

For Cheeto I used the Sew A Little Seam Movie Night Pj’s for Pets (Its a free pattern!).  I made super cute tees for the boys in May 2019 with this pattern too.


he’s a very helpful model Smile

I altered the top this time for Cheets. I added 1/2” to the back at the center seam (so an 1” total). and 1/4” to the front at center seam (so 1/2” total).  It turned out I didn’t need that extra at the back but the front was now perfect.  He has a very broad chest.  (He is part doxie).

Miss K matched in a shirt and pants. And Bennie Bear got a cute onesie.  You can see more pics of them here.

Bennie’s onesie is a Mimi & Tara – Pets Pajamas Button Up Pattern.  I like it. It turns out well and he looks so cute in it.


M4M – Scrunchies

Oh and September 2019 I made Miss K’s best friend some fun scrunchies.  I used the Made for Mermaids tutorial and it was nice and easy.  She liked them so it was a win.

2019 sept emma scrunchies

That almost catches me up on unselfish sewing makes not shared on the blog. Miss K has a few things I haven’t shared yet.

Happy Sewing! (P.S. – I did finally get some sewing in since my surgery!!! I made Miss K some soft Pj pants and I made me a soft nightgown.  It was very hard and there were tears but I sewed them up and that gave me hope.  Look to see them here soon or catch a sneak peak by scrolling up and looking on the right sidebar for my Instagram feed).



  1. Those slippers look SO comfy! I wonder if my dude would like them. He has a habit of walking around barefoot and I cannot do that. =)


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