Sewing for guys ~ Greenstyle, Jalie, Ottobre

Since I’m trying to catch up on past makes I thought I would do a big post of things I’ve made for the guys in my life.  Both Mr. Sunny and Mr. T have had things made that just didn’t get to the blog.

Mr. T is 18 now and will be leaving me soon for college. I have mixed feelings about that!  Here are some of the things I forgot to blog about that I made him 2018 and 2014.

Greenstyle – Hampton shorts with Ottobre tank from 04/2015 #36


Date Sewn: 03/31/18

His measurements at the time: Chest 33, Waist 30, hip 38

Size Sewn: straight medium for the Hampton shorts. The Ottobre tank I used size 170.

Fabric: the softest double brushed poly.  Mr. T has issues with textures and these soft pjs are perfect for him. the cactus fabric is Ivory dbp from purple seamstress.  I paired it with the very light green dbp I got in a mystery fabric box from knitpop.  Then I designed and embroidered the cactus on the pocket.

Thoughts: What a fantastic pattern.  They both fit him perfectly. He still wears this set all the time for bed. I didn’t add pockets since they were for pjs so they were a fast sew. I probably should have made him more of these since he is constantly asking for them to be washed.

Jalie – Nico with the 3355 Hood

nico with 3355 hood 041318

Date Sewn: 04/13/18

His measurements at the time: Chest 33, Waist 30, hip 38

Size Sewn: I cut a size V and added 1.5” to hem as T is long waisted and likes his hoodies long.

Fabric: both are cotton lycra’s from purple seamstress. The sleeves and hood are olive, the middle is light gray.

Thoughts: He loved this hoodie. I loved it. It was a win win. I tried to make it look like his favorite old navy hoodies. I even took the time to put in eyelets for the drawstring on the hood.

I kept trying to get a picture of him in the hoodie but at 16 he was just too busy.  It was super easy to add the 3355 hood. It fit without any modifications!

Jalie 3242 boxers from Aug 2014 – I don’t know how I never blogged these from 6 years ago, they are too cute to not share.

z unblogged jalie 3242 boxer for t 1

Size: Q (US 13). They fit him perfectly at the time. He has since long outgrown them but he did wear them often.  The pirate fabric is a soft cotton interlock, the blue is a cotton lycra.

My little guy had grown up to such a handsome dude. I am excited for him to experience young adulthood.

266A3620 copy266A3623


Mr. Sunny also had a few things sewn up for him that I haven’t posted.

Greenstyle – Hampton shortsf jun 2018 troy greenstyle hampton shorts 2

Date Sewn: 06/14/18

His measurements: Waist 42.5, hip 47.5

f jun 2018 troy greenstyle hampton shorts 1

Size Sewn: XL – they fit him great but he could use a little more room in the hips, maybe 1/2”

Fabric: gray cotton lycra from purpleseamstress with charcoal gray cotton lycra also from purple seamstress.

Thoughts: This pattern is everything perfect in a pair of guy shorts. they are loose, longer, and have pockets.  I enjoyed sewing these up. Mr. Sunny loves them and wears them nonstop.  I added the fake adidas logo with my Silhouette Cameo. I definitely need to make more of these for him.

Jalie 3909 – Henri Joggers1h

Date Sewn: 02/08/19


His measurements: Waist 43, Hip 47, Inseam 34; he is 6’3” tall


Size Sewn: View A, Size FF

Alterations: Husband has a bit of a belly, so his “waist” measurement is usually way larger than his actual pants waist measurement. The pattern asked for 43.5 elastic for the waistband, but I know husband needs 39” elastic for his actual pants waist. I reduced the elastic to the 39”. I also used the sweatshirt fleece for the pockets – husband needs sturdy pockets for all his stuff, and I knew the jersey would bounce around too much for him.


Fabric: Ink Blue Sweatshirt Fleece; 100% cotton – has the required stretch. I purchased it in July 2015 for $6.50/yard from fashionfabricsclub.  I used 1.5 yards for these joggers so $9.75 total.  I used a mystery rib knit from my stash for the waist and cuffs, I wish it had more recovery. I think it might have rayon in it as it is soft.


Thoughts: I actually was a tester for these joggers.  They sewed up nicely.  The fabric behaved beautifully.  I was foolish and used a rayon type rib knit for the cuffs and waistband – which did not work nicely.  It is floppy, too stretchy, and doesn’t have any recovery.  Mr. Sunny likes the pants but hates the waist because of that fabric.  However, I used it because it was the only fabric that matched in color.  I will hack off the waist and put in cotton lycra for the band and he will be happy with them. Also, they are very low rise in the back, Mr. Sunny would like it a little higher like an inch or two and he feels the waist is really big. Which is due to the bad fabric choice on my part.

Jalie 3885– Gerald Boxers20191223_133032

Date Sewn: 12/23/19

His measurements: Waist 42.5, hip 47.5

Size Sewn: CC, I added 1” to the back rise, used 34” waist elastic and did the saxx hack

To make the flaps for the saxx hack I just took the fly piece and traced off about 1.5” wide starting at the side; cut two pieces and used fold over elastic to go down the nonseam side. I put the side flaps on top of the topmost flap when sewing it up, not under them.


I’ve made these twice before for him in Blue space dye with the longer length, and charcoal gray active fabric.

Fabric: Rugrats cotton lycra from Joanns that I purchased May 2019

Thoughts: They fit great, I am so close to perfecting the fit on this pattern for Mr. Sunny.  He just wants them higher in the back again by about an inch. He also told me that he doesn’t really like the saxx hack as much as he thought he would.


Now I am all caught up on the guys makes with my blog posting!


Thanks for reading!



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