Jalie 4014–Coco Bra

Racer Back View


Pattern: Jalie 4014 – Coco Bra


Date Sewn: Nov 2019. I was a tester for this pattern


My measurements at the time: Bust 39, Waist 32, Hip 47.5


Size used: Straight X


Alterations: None! Wahoo!


Fabric for Bra #1: Racer back view fabric was a thicker, brushed yoga knit with thicker navy cotton lycra. I used the yoga knit for all layers in front and it made the bra much too tight and compressing. The original pattern stated you could use main fabric for all layers, The released pattern no longer says this but to use swim lining or mesh.

The picture below was from November when I made the bra.  I have lost about 15lbs since then.  The band fit a lot better in this pic because I made it for those measurements. However, I can barely breathe in this picture, lol. My yoga knit, while amazing, is way too compressing and thick to be used as all layers.


Pants in above pictures are my Burda Style 11/2007 #122 Yoga pants I made back in 2017


Criss Cross View



Fabric for Bra #2: Criss Cross View I used a brushed yoga knit with blue athletic poly knit. I used swim lining for the inner 2 layers and it worked great. Much better fit. I would suggest something like mesh, swim lining, or a stretchier less compressing knit for the inside layers. This bra feels great. You can see the band is a little loose in these pictures because I lost weight since making it.


Thoughts: I love this bra! I love the style and the fit once I used the right fabrics. As I mentioned above, the first bra was too tight because I used the main fabric for all layers, which was just too much. After I used less thick of fabrics the bra fit great! The band fits perfectly (or it did when I first made it for my larger measurements). My 14yr old wanted to steal these after I sewed them up. I think I need to make her a couple now.


Inside of Criss Cross view on right with swim lining.


In RTW bras I am a D cup (32-34 D to be exact).  I do feel the first bra was more supportive if you were doing something like high impact aerobics or something that caused a lot of bouncing.  But I don’t do anything near that so I like the second bra better because it does support me and still allows me to breathe.  The shorts in these pictures are my Patterns For Pirates – Palazzo shorts I made in 2017 (the have some fit issues but I wear them nonstop. I am also a size bigger or so than when I made them).


I was going to wait and edit my photos to hide any lumps and bumps, but then I got to thinking, no. No I will not hide any imperfections.  I’m a real human and I will post real, unedited photos. I’ve had multiple stomach surgeries and pretty massive health issues. I can’t hide that fact so I will just let them be shown as is.


Jalie has now added a tutorial on their blog for sewing these.  You can find the racer back here and the criss cross here.


Thanks for reading!



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