Jalie 2445 with an Ottobre Tank & Jalie 3355


Another catch up post. 

Way back in May 2017 I made this Black and White “love graffiti fabric” set. Technically I made the tank in Aug 2016 and then added the shorts to match in May 2017. In the last 4 years I have worn then tons (the fabric is fading) and love the set.  Sadly I never got around to blogging the details. 

(photos from before surgery)

2017 b&w love set, jalie shorts, p4p or otto tank 1

As my weight fluctuates I have to send them to the “too small” or “too large” bin from time to time but I never get rid of the set.

They fit awesome and feel great when I wear them. I don’t often wear sets and I really like these together.

2017 b&w love set, jalie shorts, p4p or otto tank 4

The shorts are Jalie 2445; back in 2017 I was an entirely different size than I am now. I made a straight size X for some reason.  Normally I size up for my hips. But who knows what fitting book I was reading and what method I was giving a try. 

2017 b&w love set, jalie shorts, p4p or otto tank 3

So I made a straight size X with a ton of alterations.  On the backs I took 5/8” off the outer waist and 1/4” at center waist.  I added 1/2” to the outer hip but took away 1/2” on the butt scoop.  I then added 2.5” to the hem.

To the fronts I did the same on the waist, but for the hip I added 1/4” to outer and took in 1/4” on inner crotch scoop.  I also added 1/2” to the front thigh.  My notes say I added 1” total to thigh, 0 total to hip, and removed 1.75” from total waist. Whew, that’s a mouthful.  Let’s get a visual drawing for that.  (yes, I’m slightly crazy sometimes with trying alterations).

(Not the actual pattern below, just a generic drawing of shorts fronts and backs). 


The fabric I used is: “Love Graffiti Jersey Knit”  Cotton/Lycra from Fashionfabricsclub.  I picked it up in Nov 2015 for $5.25 per yard.  It’s a fun fabric but washes terribly.  It fades a ton. It has horrible recovery. But, it is soft.

2017 b&w love set, jalie shorts, p4p or otto tank 2

I love the waistband on these things. The method to put the waist in keeps it all nice and straight and no rolling. There is zigzag stitching along the inside top that keeps it all nice and in place. 

2017 b&w love set, jalie shorts, p4p or otto tank 5

Pulling these out of the saved bin is like pulling out a favorite, loved blanket. Soft and comforting.  They are going on 5 years of wear now, I consider them a definite win. 

2017 b&w love set, jalie shorts, p4p or otto tank 6

I also have made these shorts for Miss K 2 times before; she didn’t wear them much because she is just not a shorts girl.  But they turned out cute anyway. 

This is Ottobre 02/2007 #1 “Tank Top and I made it once before this one, but wasn’t happy with it (back then I wanted more tight fitting clothing and as time has gone on I would much prefer the looser fit of both these tank).  This one is a size 42 graded to a 46 at the hip. This time I slimmed up the sides a bit but it was still loose. The fabric was the same “Love” graffiti as above.                           

                                  (Photo below from 2017)

2017 b&w love set, jalie shorts, p4p or otto tank


And I can’t believe I never shared THIS make on my blog.

2017 oct 11 jalie 3355 for K 2

It’s Jalie 3355 which I’ve made a bazillion (9) times now. I made this one Oct 2017 and Miss K loved it for a short time.

2017 oct 11 jalie 3355 for K 1

It was an expensive make. She felt it brought too much attention to her when she wore it to school and with her being shy, she decided after a few wears, to not wear it anymore.

2017 oct 11 jalie 3355 for K 4

I still have it, hanging in my closet. It was too expensive and too good to give away. Maybe someday I can squeeze into it when my weight fluxes again.

2017 oct 11 jalie 3355 for K 3

I made this in a straight size U, adding 1” to the cuffs and hem band widths.  This is up a few sizes for Miss K. But I wanted it to fit for awhile because it was such an expensive make. 

2017 oct 11 jalie 3355 for K 5a

The fabric is absolutely amazing. It is Saoirse (SheerSha) from the movie The Song of the Sea. One of my all time favorite movies.

The fabric on the sleeves, hood, and back is called Selkie love; 2 yards cotton lycra; $44 (YIKES!! It was $22/yard). The front panel is called Selkie panel and was $8

SO Total for the hoodie was $52  not including the blue bands and inner hood lining……. I’m a very frugal person and this just hurts me to pay for this amount of fabric.

But, it was a rare occasion and Miss K wanted it so bad.

I got the fabric from Wanderlust custom fabric on Facebook.  I have always gotten awesome, quality custom fabrics from there.

2017 oct 11 jalie 3355 for K


Other Jalie 3355 makes:

Dark Gray Hoodie for Mr. T – Nov 2017

Gray Yellow Brick Road Hoodie for me – Nov 2016

Purple plain hoodie for Miss K – Nov 2016

Red Kitty Hoodie for Miss K – Apr 2016

Purple Alice In Wonderland Hoodie for me – Apr 2015

Teal Rainbow for Miss K – Mar 2015

Purple Pac Man for Miss K -Mar 2015

Black Polka Dot hoodie for Miss K – Jan 2015

Happy Sewing! And thanks for the trip back to 2017 with me 🙂



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