Jalie Sylvie Pants

Hello 2022.  I haven’t been sewing at all. I feel like absolute crud.  This craniotomy and radiation really have me down. I thought, well if I’m not sewing, I might as well be catching up on past makes on my blog.  I am behind on a ton of makes. I tested these Jalie Sylvie pants (4129) back in Fall of 2020 and fell in love immediately.  They were not released to the public until well into 2021 and it was so hard for me to keep them a secret because I wore them so much.

You all know that I have struggled with pants fitting my entire sewing journey from 2012 to now.  I am VERY pear shaped.  My waist is usually 31-32 inches and my hips 45-46 inches.  That is a huge difference.  I have exhausted myself with fitting books and muslins.  Well I have to tell you, these Sylvie pants fit me so well right away without any trouble or alterations!  I was in misbelief!!  So let me show you my beautifully fitting Sylvie pants.

(all photos are from 2020 BEFORE surgery)

Pattern:  Jalie Sylvie 4129

My Measurements at the time: Waist: 31”, Hips: 45.5”, Inseam to floor: 32”, Height: 5’7”

Size Sewn: At first I made a straight size AA (foolishly) and the waist was too big. so I graded then from a Size W for the Waist to an AA on the hips (this is what I do for all Jalie pants patterns).  I made View B.


Instructions:  I shouldn’t’ even have to tell you how great Jalie instructions are.  I love them and they are great.  I like that there are written instructions and then a visual picture of the step right there too.


Fabric Used: The pattern lists 2 yards of required fabric.  I used 3 different types of fabric and they each took 1 7/8 yards so the 2 yards required is spot on.

Fabric 1: B&W fabric is an ITY (95% Polyester/5% Lycra), it is 58” wide It stretched 50% width, 90% length.

Fabric 2: pink very light french terry (feels like a rayon spandex) and is 58″ wide; stretch: 60% width & length

Fabric 3: camel colored plush velour (cotton spandex blend) and is 60″ wide; stretch: 70% width & 40% length


Thoughts: I love these pants! They are such a fast sew and so comfortable to wear. Each fabric has their own strengths.  The ITY is flowing and cooling. They can look dressy but are still secret pajamas.  The french terry are so comfortable and the velour… oh my gosh the velour might be my favorite.  They are thick and luscious and soft and comfortable. I know they did not have the correct stretch requirement and they are a tiny bit snug, but they fell so dang amazing.


I am telling you all three types of fabric fit amazing. I normally make a ton of alterations for pants and these I didn’t even have to alter the crotch curve or anything. They are high waisted as the pattern says and I prefer much lower waisted pants, but I made them first as the pattern was written. Afterwards I went back and lowered the front by 4″ and the back by 2″ – but this was only for my personal preference.  I also found them to be about 2″ too long on my drapey pairs and in my stable fabric they were 1.5″ too long. My inseam is 32″ and I am 5’7″ tall. For B&W and pink I hemmed 2″ higher than pattern states. For camel pair I hemmed as pattern says and they are too long as you can see in the photos. I also left the original waistband on the camel pair in the photos. I plan on wearing these all the time. I loved this pattern so much I immediately made 3 pairs! I also plan on making a few more pairs after the test. I think these are marvelous because they fit so well on so many body types.


I highly HIGHLY recommend you give these a try especially if you struggle with getting pants that fit.


**Health update** I’m just a trainwreck at this point.  I feel like Jabba the hutt.  I lay or sit in bed most days and it is driving me crazy.  I feel awful, just plain awful and the doctors don’t know what to do with me or how to help me.  My seizures are not controlled, I’ve tried 6 meds for them now and my stomach will not tolerate the meds. On top of that radiation sucked and my body is exhausted, my head hurts, and it itches like hell. I’m still not eating solids and not much else either since the craniotomy, they don’t know why and can’t help me. My emotional health is a wreck. I spend a lot of time depressed and crying or completely angry.  I just want my life back!

Thanks for reading!!



  1. Your pants DO look amazing! I love Jalie patterns too. I have 2 of their men’s patterns winging their way to me now. My husband is ALWAYS cold and I have some great sweatshirting fabric just languishing in my stash anyway so I figured it would be better sewn up into some cozies for him 🙂 I wish you a fast recovery! I was so sad reading your update 😦 I feel confident you’ll find just the healer you need to speed up your recovery in 2022.


  2. I have Sylvie and am so excited to make them. My lower body is very full, and I am hopeful that they will be flattering. Yours look fantastic–I am secretly glad they are higher waisted, too! Thanks for the encouragement on making them up.
    Your health–what a nightmare. I am so sorry that your body is in complete upheaval. It just sounds like so much had to be done that your poor system hasn’t been able to adjust. I will continue to pray for your recovery and for peace and patience while your body heals.


  3. Thank you for the detailed review. You did an amazing job fitting the pants. I will have to check out this pattern. I am sorry you are moving through such hard and challenging health issues. I am sending prayers and thoughts of healing and comfort.


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