Me Made May 2023 – Week 1

It’s that time again!  I did my MMM blog posts a little different in 2020;  I showed my memademays for each year I’ve participated, from 2014 to 2020 right next to each other.  It was so fun to see each year what I wore on the days.  It was funny when I wore something the same exact day, years apart, unaware.

This year marks my 8th year participating in me made may (as I was unable to participate in 2021 due to the craniotomy).  I love when Me Made May rolls around.  I’ve learned so much over the years. Putting the day in each year next to each other shows how much certain things get worn.  There are quite a bit of repeats, but it is fun! To see all my memademays next to each other you can look here.

Let’s continue to this year.  Clearly I am way behind in blogging what I’ve worn (oops).   But I do post daily on my Instagram.

Here is my pledge for this year.


Day 1 – its wicked windy and very cold.

I guess I should do a little introduction since it is day 1. Hi, I’m Kristin. I’ve been sewing for myself and my kids for 11 years now. I sew or embroidery almost every day. I have numerous chronic health issues. in 2021 I found out I have a brain tumor…… not in my plans. I had a craniotomy that removed half of it. and proton beam radiation from Oct-Dec 21. I’m trying to pick up the pieces of my life and work thru all this, but it crushed my soul. my body has changed so much and it pisses me off. I miss all my other memades, but they are too small now. the radiation destroyed my pituitary gland and thus I have hypothyroidism now. and the belly to go along with it. I’m having a hard time accepting all this. wasn’t the tumor and craniotomy and radiation enough? like leave me alone. give me “me” back. anyway, I blog at here and sewing is my peace and passion. I love embroidery too. I have 2 fur babies that are my heart ❤, my kids are getting older now and so I can selfishly sew all for myself. I am a data nerd and a techie. I collect sewing machines new and old and I am a video game addict (though the tumor has put a damper on this quite heavily). this is my eighth year doing me made may. my entire wardrobe is me made at this point. this year I am focusing on learning to accept the changes in my body and sewing more flattering clothes. I love memademay because I can’t wait to see everyone else’s makes!!

may 1 2023 amay 1 2023 b

top: graphic made with my silhouette cameo
bottoms: Greenstyle – Brassie Joggers, very heavily altered, sewn fall 2020
unders: Made for Mermaids – Sabrina shorties, modified (unblogged, sewn Apr 2023)

may 1 2023 c

Day 2 – it’s still wicked windy and very cold. I have to leave the house today, boo. Kiela has a dental appt

may 2 2023 a
Love Notions – Classic Tee, sewn Dec 2020
bottoms: BurdaStyle 11/2007 No. 122, sewn Aug 2020
unders: Jalie – Julia 3886, modified (unblogged, sewn Apr 2023).

Day 3 – keeping it real today.  I am tired from yesterday’s outing. Generally I just have a tank and unders on at home all day, but I went out to feed the birds and I live in a respectable neighborhood so, pants. lol.

may 3 2023
Top: just a walmart cami
Bottoms: Sew A Little Seam – movie night pj leggings, Sewn May 2019  (best leggings pattern I’ve found by far and its FREE)

Day 4 – I’m super cold today for some reason, even though it is sunny and 70*F.  I love this pj set. I made them in Dec 2015 and I still wear the joggers like ALL the time! I need another 10 pairs.

may 4 2023

Top: Ottobre 05/2011 No.4 ~ Everyday Scoop Neck Raglan T-Shirt, Sewn Dec 2015
Bottoms: Ottobre 05/2011 No.5 ~ Loungers Sweatpants, Sewn Dec 2015

Day 5 – It is no secret that I love my doxie Cheeto. He is my heart and soul. out of the house again to look at campers and refrigerators.  Adulting is so exciting. . . Unfortunately I ended up having a seizure today from overstimulation.

may 5 2023 amay 5 2023 b

top: Love Notions – Laundry Day Tee with my silhouette cameo graphic, Sewn Feb 2021

bottoms: BurdaStyle 11/2007 No. 122, sewn Aug 2020
unders: Made for Mermaids – Sabrina shorties, modified (unblogged, sewn Apr 2023)

may 1 2023 c

Day 6 – yesterday was way too much for me. today is a bed day. my body is screaming at me. Thus is my life with chronic illness and the brain tumor

may 6 2023
nightgown: vintage Kwik Sew 630, Sewn Jul 2022

Here is a photo of when I made it so you can see the whole nightgown.

may 6 2023 b

Day 7 – still hanging out in my nightgown from yesterday and laying low.

Well that concludes week 1 of Me made  may.  I will continue to post the rest of the weeks here soon.

(also, does anyone know what happened to Bloglovin??? like it just disappeared! and what is everyone using now to follow the blogs they love? Thanks!)

Happy Sewing!



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