Ottobre Safari Shorts ~ The most perfect shorts I’ve ever made

If you follow me on Instagram or here on my blog, you know I have been tireless in my pursuit of well fitting bottoms.  As a pear shape, it has been super hard and sometimes very frustrating to get any bottoms to fit me.  With a difference of 14 inches between my waist and hips, it has been exhausting.  I put in so much work researching fitting issues, adjustments, how to fix wrinkles over the years.  At times I would actually cry and want to give up on sewing as I felt like it was hopeless; but I always came back and it would surprise you how much I have researched on the issue.  My family jokes that all I do is stare at crotches and butts!  Back to these shorts; I am happy to say, they fit amazing!  They are the best fitting shorts I have ever made to date.

Pattern: Ottobre 02/2017 #5 Summer Safari Shorts


Date Sewn: I tissue fit these first back in May or June 2018, then I started sewing them June 21, 2018.  After setting them aside for a year, I worked on them again in Jan 10, 2019.  And I finally, finally finished them 2 years later on July 14, 2020.


My measurements at the time:  when I started my waist was 31 and hip 45, now my measurements are 32 waist, 45.5 hip.

(forgot to iron the front here, oops).


Size used: 42 waist to 46 hip


Instructions: typical Ottobre where you only have words.  I find if I go very slow, line for line and reread before sewing I do ok.  I had no issues with these shorts – everything was explained well.


Alterations: on the back I scooped a good 3/4”.  I also added 1/2” from hip to hem.  On the front I added 1 1/8” to the front crotch extension at the inner thigh tapering to 1/2” at the bottom of the front inner thigh.  I changed the pockets to be general open top pockets instead of the flap ones the pattern had. Initially I had put on pockets that were just too small and they looked funny; so I added larger pockets.

(here is a tiny pocket shot)



Fabric: Robert Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Linen Blend Fabric, Malibu, Fabric I purchased from in March 2018 for $8/yard.  It is 45% cotton, 55% linen.  I used 2 yards for a total of $16.  This fabric is awesome.  It is soft, yet has linen properties. The color is awesome. I went back and bought 3 other colors they had.


Thoughts: First, I must say, this is a stellar issue.  I have made 6 things from it so far, and I still have 6 more things I want to make from it!  That has got to be a record for the most makes in an issue for me of any of my sewing magazines.  Secondly, I love love love these shorts! They are so awesome!  I love the fit, I love the color, I love the fabric.  If I had to change anything it would be to lower the front rise by like 3 inches because I can’t stand things up by my stomach.  other than that I wouldn’t change a thing! They are close to perfection!



Other makes from this issue:

Yet to sew from this issue:

  • #1 statement tee
  • #3 loungewear pants
  • #4 sunny side of the road jersey dress
  • #7 Basic concept linen coat – coming soon actually!
  • #10 Casual Friday Shirtdress – also coming soon!
  • #11 Painted T-shirt dress – I need a second one!

Thanks for reading!



  1. They do look fantastic!! I love the back elastic combined with flat front. YAY!!! For well fitting shorts!!! Adding these to my ‘possibles’ list.


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